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The Impotence of Talk & Symbolism in Inspiring Economic Growth

One area where talk has absolutely no effect, or symbolic gestures mean absolutely nothing is in the area finance. Raising taxes and expanding the bureaucracy will alway hamper healthy economic growth. Where in Canada are we hampering or encouraging economic growth?

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The Bottom Line on the Federal Budget

There was good news in that there was no new tax increases. No tax cuts either. For an effort to spur growth the Federal Budget won’t go down in history as courageous. There will be a Deficit increase as illustrated on the chart.

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Global Economics – Debt – Wishful Thinking & Today’s Budget

Another government in Canadian history is poised to declare that the Canadian Government can afford to borrow a lot more money. Its fine because Global Economic Health is stable or growing. The question, what happens when the Global Economic Health descriptor moves through stable to plunging?

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The Oil Company Divestment Strategy Fails Dramatically

The teachers and students who argue strenuously for pension fund divestment of companies involved in Oil & Gas production, particularly in the Oil Sands, have not made a single small dent with their protests. Michael lists why they haven’t.

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An Astounding Comeuppance For Your Moral & Intellectual Superiors

Greenpeace admits in court that the facts it used in a campaign to destroy a business and workers livelihoods were not scientifically accurate. Nothing more than their own BS. It will be interesting to see if their donations decline now that they’ve admitted to misleading the public


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