Mike's Daily Comment

A Case of Deja Vu! – With the two fastest growing demographic groups in Canada are those aged 60-65 and those over 100, its no surprise that Canada needs to take meaningful action. As the latest report makes clear……

Taxpayer spending on K- 12 Education Spending continues to rise despite a decline in enrollment. And that doesn’t even account for the recent rise in teacher salaries and pensions.

Education Spending – The big question is, what percentage of Government spending shoud be spent on education at a time when enrollment continues to drop and budgets continue to increase. 

Protecting the Gravy Train – Since the advent of the credit crisis 7 years ago, followed by Europes Soverign Debt problem, the go to policy has been to encourage more 

Can You Criticize the GM Sell Off – Corporate welfare in the form of the $13.7 Canadian Government bailout of GM now has the opposition parties crying foul

Nine countries in Europe have negative interest rates and they are issuing bonds where you actually pay the Government to hold your money. Business as usual?