Mike's Spotlight

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Irvine and Aaron Dunn of Keystone Financial will be hosting another of their fantastic live webinars to help you get better returns from your portfolio. On the evening of November 10th & November 17th they will use a case study approach to detail practical steps and tips to building (or repair) any stock portfolio at key stages of an investor’s life including:
1. Retired or Close to Retirement (60 to 80+)
2. Middle Stage Investors (35 to 60)
3. Early Stage Investors (20 to 35)
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Webinar Special Topics Include:
1. FAANG Stocks – BUY/SELL or HOLD? Analysis on FaceBook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet (Google) & Microsoft at today’s prices.
2. Renewable Energy – top opportunities in hydro, geothermal, solar or wind energy stocks,
3. Telemedicine & new healthcare opportunities – where valuations are in this hot segment and where the long-term winners could be found.
4. Are gold stocks right for your portfolio?
5. And why dividend growth stocks crush the market.
5-6 stock picks (Starter Portfolio) to begin building your portfolio today including:
1. The best value in renewable energy stocks in Canada with a 6% yield, growth trading at a 49% discount to our fair value.
2. The highest yielding gold related stock in Canada.
3. An unknown, growth-by-acquisition home healthcare stock.
4. A cloud computing giant.
5. And more…

One of Politicians’ Most Popular Pieces of Fiction

I guess people love to hear job creation numbers for the next big government project. And don’t worry, no one pays a price when they don’t come true.

The Obscene Government Cheques for Everyone Has To Stop

If there are limits to how much the federal government can borrow, as the Finance Minister stated, then there has to be limits on who gets cheques.

It’s About Time We Had This Debate

As Covid restrictions are implemented the backlash grows- do you favour more police enforcement or more information explaining the need for the restrictions to get people to comply. Photo: vancouverisawesome.com

They’re Working Awfully Hard to Keep Us in the Dark

Regardless of the party in power, the question is are you, the taxpayer, better served by more transparency and scrutiny of government spending or less.

Greg Weldon – Interview of the Week

Our favourite macro analyst was on fire for this feature conversation with Mike. This could be the most valuable 20 minutes you spend this year – for your investment portfolio and your understanding of the markets.