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Mike’s Editorial – Jan 25th

This isn’t highschool. All ideas are not created equal. No marks for participation in the real world yet fringe, off the wall, radical ideas are treated like they’re workable options – and that’s extremely dangerous.

Complete Show – Jan 25th

It’s a scary trend – critical thinking out the window as fringe ideas go mainstream.  Peter Grandich told us to buy gold at $1200 – it’s now $370 higher but what’s next?  Plus a Quote of the Week featuring the biggest political sex scandal in US history.

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth With The CBC

Taxpayer funding for the CBC is $1.2 billion annually and rising but tv ratings are falling along with ad revenues. Are taxpayers getting their money’s worth.

Greta At Davos Lecturing Business and Government Leaders on Their Climate Failures

No it wasn’t a Monte Python skit – but it could have been given Greta’s message is to dismantle the “colonial, racist, patriarchal systems of oppression that have created and fueled” climate change. Still they applauded.

Some Key News on Interest Rates

It should be making headlines but it isn’t. In a nutshell, the only thing between us and a big jump in interest rates is the Federal Reserve’s multi-billion dollar action but few people seem to understand.

UN Admits To Being Clueless About First Nation’s Pipeline Support

One of the great myths perpetrated by American and Canadian pipeline opponents along with their political allies is that all First Nations oppose pipeline projects.  Many bought it, but it was unequivocally false.