Shocking Stat

Quote of the Week & Shocking Stat

Quote of the week 
On the eve of the election, three heavyweights weigh in on what it takes to be a great leader. 

Shocking Stat 
Trumps gone – and so has the anger and frustration…Not! The latest polls results are truly shocking – and spell trouble ahead. 

Goofy Award

Thanks Hillary, Barrack and Bernie – but no thanks we don’t need to be told who to vote for. Plus a chance to get the dunce cap off when it comes to corporate taxes.

Mike’s Comment – Sept 18

What does a 36 day election campaign get us? Answer: another $600 million in debt, politicization of the pandemic, a nation further divided and not much else.

Entire Show – September 18th

The Seinfeld of campaigns – in other words, “an election about nothing.” Ace analyst, Lance Roberts answers the questions “can we deficit spend forever” and “will central banks ever let interest rates rise.” Plus making money in cyber security, and the most shocking poll results of the year. Hint: it’s not good news.

On This Week’s Show

Do deficits really matter? Lance Roberts joins Mike to discuss if the 40 year trend will ever end. Mike’s thoughts on the upcoming federal election, plus investor insights into cybersecurity, all our regulars and of course…. a Goofy Award.
All starting right here at 8:30am Saturday September 18th.

Big Fat Idea – Investing in Education Technology

Martijn van den Bemd, GM of Adcore (TSX:ADCO) joins Mike to share some ideas on investing in cutting edge EdTech and the growth prospects for the sector.