Interview of the Week

Feature Interview – Martin Armstrong

Live from Thailand Marty joins Michael for an extended conversation on the future of the financial markets, the world economy and geo-politics. A must-hear discussion.

Mike’s Editorial – Forget the Election Debates

Any hope for meaningful discussion of the important issues facing Canada is long gone in the face of political posturing.

Complete Show – September 14th

This special show offers an extended interview with the world renowned forecaster Martin Armstrong – live from Thailand! A must-hear discussion on financial markets, geo-politics and the future of the world economy. Plus Michael’s editorial on the uselessness of the federal political debates, Victor Adair and Ozzie Jurock.


You Can’t Afford To Miss This

The Wall Street Journal has called him the highest paid financial advisor in the world. Martin Armstrong’s model predicted Brexit, Trump’s win, the high for the Dow last October and told his subscribers to buy at THE low on December 26th and so much more. Tomorrow on Moneytalks – he tells you what’s next.

One Group of Foreigners Who Will Definitely Influence the Election

In case you missed it – the law was changed last year to allow Canadians who haven’t lived in or paid taxes in Canada for decades to vote in the federal election despite the fact none of the political decisions impact them.

Are You More Cynical About Government Than You Were 15…20 Years Ago?

Because the majority of people in every other western democracy clearly are but what about Canada?