Mike's Daily Comment

Simply Put – It Scares The Hell Out of Me

The latest report from the trustees of the US Social Security System projects that it will run out of money in 15 years.  Why do I get the feeling that our political leaders have no clue as to monumental implications for not just the US but Canada and the world.

Earth Day – A Litany of Apocalyptic Predictions

False predictions of impending doom have been the mainstay of Earth Day since its inception in 1970. But have the litany of false forecast undermined calls for action today.

Quote of the Week – President Obama

President Obama chimes in on the danger of foreign influence on elections.  He says, it’s a problem that crosses party lines and is a threat to democracy.

Shocking Stat – Tiger Woods

Tiger Wood’s Master win immediately goes on the short list of greatest sports comebacks of all time but wait til you hear these stats on how dominant he’s been.

Goofy Award

Notre Dame is burning – people step up to help repair the damage but that has some people outraged.

Mike’s Editorial – Most Still Miss the Point on The Trans Mountain Pipeline Dispute

Many Canadians still don’t seem to understand that no matter who’s in power in Alberta the province needs the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion to be built.  The Alberta budget is still $7 billion in the hole while the energy industry has 50,000 fewer workers than just 5 years ago – with thousands of more lay-off to come.