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Exclusive Two Month Trial – Schachter Energy Report

Josef Schachter may be shocked when he learns what Michael has arranged with his team. Our MoneyTalks audience can get two months of The Schachter Energy Report’s Black Gold Service for ONLY $27! This is a service that regularly costs $799 a year. You can’t not try it out at this price. In addition to the two months of reports, updates, buy & sell alerts – you also get the full archive of Black Gold content, including their Webinars, the most recent from November 14th discussing key information about the upcoming bull market.

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A Brand New Federal Ministry

It doesn’t get better than this. Canada now has a Minister of Middle Class Prosperity but it reminds us of Ronald Reagan’s famous warning – the 9 most terrifying words in the English language – “we’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

Climate Activists Want No Part Of This Question

If you only had $50 billion to spend fighting climate change – what would you do? After all, money is limited – so what would achieve the most dramatic decrease in emissions.  Hint: it’s not electric car subsidies or killing the Trans Mountain expansion.

When Talking About High Gas Prices, Don’t Mention The Government

I could have sworn they were just kidding when the BC government told the Utilities Commission to look into high gas prices but ignore the government taxes and policies that push prices higher.

Let’s Screw the Patients and Defend a System that Has Them Suffering Needlessly

No matter how long it takes, the government is determined to stop patients from receiving medically necessary treatment in a timely matter. Don’t get me wrong – politicians and other insiders don’t have to wait. They just go to the same private clinics that they want to stop you from using.

Big Fat Idea – US Single Family Home Developments

Justin Smith, president of Hawkeye Wealth joins Michael to share how Canadian investors can participate and profit in large scale housing sub-division development in the US. For more information on these investments CLICK HERE.