Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week & Shocking Stat

Quote of the Week
Nobel Laureate Bertrand Russell on the danger of faux certainty in the absence of evidence.

Shocking Stat
Poll results say post election we’re more divided than ever but the damage is more profound than that.

Mike’s Comment – Sept 25

Same old politics – just as nasty along with the free lunch express – but the question is, would we have it any other way?

Goofy Award

The two Michaels are free but that doesn’t excuse the lack of attention to China’s election interference.

Entire Show – September 25th

The campaign – a return to old time politics but would we have it any other way? Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin says there’s an unprecedented opportunity in real estate complete with specific recommendations. The Goofy asks – the two Michaels have been released but there are many questions about China’s election interference.

Many investors are fearing a crash. Stocks are at record highs. Inflation is on the rise. More COVID waves and variants. Supply chain issues. An increasingly chaotic political environment under the Biden & Trudeau administrations. Etc. Etc. Etc. BUT THE REAL RISK IS THE GOVERNMENT BOND MARKET.

Join Michael’s guest Andrew Ruhland on Saturday, Sept. 25th @ 11:00am MST (10am Pacific), after the Money Talks Podcast to watch their free, exclusive webinar, “Don’t Be Fooled: It’s About the Bond Market”. CLICK HERE to register or for more information on the webinar. A must see for anyone with bonds in their portfolio.

This is how Jeff Olin of Vision Capital describes the current situation in the real estate markets – where low cost mortgages are available at the same time inflation causes asset values to rise. On tomorrow’s show to hear the specific stocks his fund is favouring right now, where in Canada and the US he’s investing, and where he sees the potential for the future. Plus some great ideas on hedging the bond market, Live from the Trading Desk and much more. All starting right here at 8:30am Saturday September 25th.