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Only An Idiot Would Call It a Speculation Tax

Only the tax hungry BC government thinks that buying a second home and holding it for 10, 20, 30 years while paying property taxes, insurance, utilities and upkeep is speculating – and you don’t even have to sell it for the government to demand your money.

The BC Government Was Just Kidding…Right?

Saying to BC Utilities Commission inquiry that is looking into the cause of high gas prices in BC that it’s not allowed to consider the impact of government taxes or other policies was a joke…right?…no. Okay, well it was laughable.

Michael Levy: Looking at High Gas Prices in BC

The public inquiry into record breaking gas prices in BC is underway but will they get a true picture? How can they, not on the table for discussion, supply and demand and high gasoline taxes.

Is Your Cost of Living Only Up 2%

It’s the top issue for Canadians coming into the fall election but Stats Can says inflation is hovering around 2%.  It sure doesn’t feel like it when you see the cost of food, rent, car insurance, gas and other government related expenses.

You’re Not Supposed To Say This

We love to express our concern for the poor but actions speak louder than words.  And those actions make clear the poor regularly come second to the pursuit of political power.

Instant Wisdom, Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and the Goofy Award

Instant Wisdom @ 0:00

Stephen Fry on the the lack of liberalism among liberals.

Quote of the Week @ 3:48

Celebrated Philosopher Bertrand Russell on the folly of certainty so prevalent in our public debates.  Hint – certainty is in inverse correlation to knowing the facts.

Shocking Stat @ 5:28

Too often minimum wage advocates refuse to acknowledge the job losses in the move to $15.  The Congressional Budget Office sets them straight.

Goofy @ 9:38

Our security agencies warn that the Chinese government is engage in espionage, influence pedaling and threats. Two Canadians are held incommunicado and sentenced to death but it doesn’t stop some politicians from taking the money.