Goofy Award Winner

Goofy Award – June 19th

Victoria city council has cancelled Canada Day celebrations because of the horrific unmarked burial site of students at the Kamloops Residential School – but is that the most effective way forward for reconciliation?

Shocking Stat – June 19th

The move up in commodity prices was shocking but so is the move down – i.e. lumber’s down 41% in a matter of weeks.

Quote of the Week – June 19th

Props to Bill Maher for taking on the destructiveness of the “woke” mob who take it as an article of faith that no progress on races issues has been made.

Mike’s Comment – June 19th

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters takes a stand against censorship. And it’s just in time given the government is pushing Bill C-10, which experts call a full frontal attack on free speech.

Entire Show – June 19th

Mike tells you why Pink’s Floyd made his week. Keystone’s Aaron Dunn with some new recommendations for growth and income. Note: every one of his recommendations on his last appearance are up double digits. Plus Bill Maher’s goes after the “woke” crowd in the Quote of the Week – and a goofy that asks “should we cancel Canada Day?”

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