Mike's Daily Comment

This Would Open a Very Damaging Can of Worms

I don’t care what Governor or what party – it’s a very bad idea to open the door for people to question the central bank’s independence and decision making because a former Governor wants to get elected.

Did It Improve Your Quality of Life?

Should be the shocking stat of the week. Even big government advocates may be surprised by the growth of the federal government.

Big Fat Idea – Investing in CyberSecurity

Ian Paterson, CEO of Plurilock Security joins Michael to share some insights into the booming market for cybersecurity products and services – and most importantly, some ideas on how investors can participate.

Political Promises are Easy – Efficient Delivery is Not

How can our various political parties promise big, shiny, new billion dollar programs when successive Auditor Generals point out serious problem with ones we already have?

Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Shocking Stat of the Week 
Over a fifth of Canadians are hoping for what amounts to a financial disaster for millions of us. 

Goofy Award
If you thought the government’s pandemic response was at times questionable and inexplicable there’s a good reason. 

Mike’s Editorial

If you like paying taxes, you’ll love what’s coming. Of course it’s already started with the increase in payroll taxes, carbon taxes and liquor taxes that have already kicked in.