Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

June 25th Episode

Lance Roberts of realinvestmentadvice.com with a counter-intuitive idea on where money can be made in the coming months as central banks push for rising interest rates, Ozzie identifies real estate markets that will remain strong and Victor Adair on trading the stock market in a bear market environment. Plus, Robert Levy on all things gold, and you don’t want to miss this week’s Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and Goofy Award.

June 18th Episode

What if the trends in stocks, energy prices, interest rates go far further than imagined – a must hear interview with Greg Weldon, whose on a brilliant hot streak. Ozzie on where real estate’s headed as mortgage rate double. Plus a renewable energy insider obliterates the 2030 climate goals.

On Mike’s MoneyTalks Podcast, Justin Smith discusses how mortgage funds can add stability and income to your portfolio,  what key elements affecting risk and return you should watch for, and which mortgage fund we ultimately chose for our investors after an 18-month due diligence process.

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Shocking Stat, Quote of the Week & Goofy Award

Shocking Stat
The last time inflation was this high – you won’t believe where interest rates were. Hint: we’ve got a long way to go. 

Quote of the Week 
Attention: Your cost of living. An oil industry insider shares the hard truth as to why high gas and diesel prices are here to stay. 

Goofy Award
Oh my goodness, even the government financial heavyweights are in extreme denial why oil prices are sky-high – and that spells bad news for consumers.

Mike’s Comment

My bad, awful week. Why? because I’m writing a cheque to Revenue Canada knowing full well that a good chunk of it will be wasted.