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What Should You Do?

As the Central Banks step up with hundreds of billions of dollars to keep interest rates down and the credit markets functioning – what should you do.

Complete Show – Mar 28th

Mike give one key piece of financial advice while Davis Rea’s chief strategist, John Johnston on the double dip coming in stocks. Ozzie talks the change for renters and don’t miss the Goofy. Should governments try to gain advantage during the crisis.

Thanks To Government COVID-19 Is the Last Straw For Many Businesses

Before COVID-19 hit, businesses were reeling from increases to property tax, CPP, minimum wage and the carbon tax, which robbed them of the capital to survive COVID-19 for even a few weeks.

Martin Armstrong: Another Perspective

A letter from a member of the Armstrong Economics staff working in China on conditions on the ground.

Hello Marty:

My city is about 3 hours flight from Wuhan(the city outbreak of the virus), it is not as bad as there. Last month was more serious, everyone was told to stay at home, everywhere was closed except the food store. All the buildings/courts will need to get a pass certificate(only issue to the person lives there) to go in. Now is much better, a lot of shops and restaurants allowed to open from last week, and people back to work(but schools are still closed at the moment). The total confirmed cases in the whole province(state) was 126, and 125 of them have been cured and with 1 unlucky.

Now, most people can travel to other cities in China without quarantine (Last month people will need to quarantine for 14 days at least) if they are healthy except from Wuhan.  It looks getting better and better, and the new confirmed cases in my city keep at 0 for a few days. Big cities like Beijing or Shanghai are still under pressure. As they have international airports and some confirmed cases from abroad every day, but much better than last month. And all the people traveling from abroad including Chinese citizens will need at least 14 days quarantine (they were taken from the airport to the specific hotel straight away). Here is much better than last month and hopefully, we can back to normal life soon.

Best Regards

Confidence Is Gone From Stocks, Bonds & The Economy

And not only will political games not help – they’ll make matters worse by further undermining confidence in government.

A Really Bad Idea Whose Time Hasn’t Come

The Federal Liberals want free reign to tax and spend without Parliamentary oversight. President Trump says he’ll personally oversee mega billions in spending. Neither are in the public’s interest regardless of the crisis or who’s in power.