Mike's Daily Comment

No One Is Supposed To Talk About This Inconvenient Truth

When it comes to the Coastal GasLink and Trans Mountain pipelines, opponents don’t even want to acknowledge the poverty in some First Nations communities that these projects would alleviate.

The Coming Commodity Boom

Endeavour Silver CEO Bradford Cooke joins Michael to talk about how to be positioned for the next turn in the commodity cycle – and it’s coming sooner than you think!

Goofy Award and Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week 

A high ranking cleric in Iran reminds us of who we’re dealing with in a shocking declaration. 


It was always about politics. The BC government never thought that they’d win their Supreme Court case but that wasn’t the goal. 

Re-Thinking China

Human Rights Watch latest report labels China a global threat to freedom. Mike asks is there anything China could do to force our government and businesses to rethink our relationship.

Complete Show – Jan 18th

In light of the latest report from Human Rights Watch, Mike asks an uncomfortable question about dealing with China. Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin drops by to explain his unique way of investing in real estate. Since his last visit in late September his recommendations are up 14% in under four months since.  And don’t miss the Quote of the Week.

A Predictable End But How Much Did It Cost Taxpayers

The Supreme Court was never going to change the Constitution at the whim of the BC government but this was all politics and not about the environment or the division of powers.