Mike's Daily Comment

Job Creation For Dummies

You gotta love it when a politician talks about the job creation from their latest spending announcement as if spending billions of dollars on just about anything wouldn’t create jobs.

BC Gas Inquiry’s Laughable Omission

Let’s look into gas prices but leave out the single biggest component because it might prove to be politically awkward.


Most People Still Don’t Get It

Apologists say that government had to do something about rising real estate prices.  Well, that’s no excuse to do the wrong thing – and in the process they’ve made it more difficult for first time buyers while reducing the net worth of every homeowner.

Tariffs Are Just Another Tax You Have To Pay

Yipee, we just saved nearly $17 billion in taxes when the Trudeau government removed the retaliatory tariffs on the US.  Donald Trump’s protectionism has done more to educate Canadians about the benefits of free trade than the entire public education system.

The Government Says Some People Need Not Apply

60% of Canada Research Chairs are occupied by women, yet the government says they need a special program when awarding research grants that in effect says no straight white males need apply.

Jumping to Conclusions After Dirty Money Report

There are no shortage of opinions on money laundering but the search party’s out for anyone who read the report including the part that says no  Canadian data was used to arrive at the conclusions. As the authors themselves said – proceed with caution in reaching any conclusions. Unfortunately that hasn’t stopped anyone.