Mike's Daily Comment

This Would Open a Very Damaging Can of Worms

I don’t care what Governor or what party – it’s a very bad idea to open the door for people to question the central bank’s independence and decision making because a former Governor wants to get elected.

Did It Improve Your Quality of Life?

Should be the shocking stat of the week. Even big government advocates may be surprised by the growth of the federal government.

Political Promises are Easy – Efficient Delivery is Not

How can our various political parties promise big, shiny, new billion dollar programs when successive Auditor Generals point out serious problem with ones we already have?

Rising Home Prices are a Good Thing

At least for the 70% of Canadians own their own home but with immigration set to rise and government adding hundreds of thousands to the cost of new homes – the affordability issue isn’t going anywhere.

Trudeau’s Dilemma

Janet Yellen knows that raising corporate tax rates in the US encourages US businesses to invest or relocate elsewhere so she wants Canada to raise minimum corporate tax rates. Good for the US but is it good for Canada?

Biden Foreshadows What’s to Come in Canada

Is Biden’s Build Back Better plan of higher corporate taxes, Green New Deal along with more regulation coming to Canada?