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Time To Give the “We’re All in This Together” Slogan a Rest

It doesn’t fit the narrative but the majority of Canadians have not been impacted financially by the pandemic but we know who’s suffered financially and that’s who government aid should target.

Both Emissions and Canada Take a Backseat to US Politics

Canada’s taken a wide range of actions on climate change. Far more than the US but cancelling Keystone XL was never about emissions – it’s all about politics.

“All of America is Thrilled with Joe Biden Assuming the Presidency”

At least that’s the establishment narrative. And just like the last 4 plus years it ignores what’s happening in the US and around the world.

President Biden’s First Move to Stimulate the Economy is Killing Keystone XL and 42,000 Jobs

Isn’t politics fun? But we’ve got a more serious question – but not much chance anyone will ask… other than us.

It’s Not Science – It’s Politics

With tens of thousands of workers caught in the middle. And the only winners have been/will be the lawyers, with taxpayers paying their bills.

Today’s Politics of Division Meet the Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You’ll brighten your day by hearing some of the words of wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I guarantee it.