Mike's Daily Comment

They’re So Confused

It’s finally being recognized that the Coastal Gaslink protestors have a lot more on their mind than their sudden concern for the Wet’suwet’en.

The Protestors Call In The Big Guns

Noted Wet’suwet’en supporter – Greta Thunberg has waded into the Coastal Gaslink dispute…okay she hadn’t heard of them until 2 weeks ago but it’s a pipeline so she’s against it. No other specifics needed.

Bombardier is a Cautionary Tale For Taxpayers

Sadly it won’t be for politicians who funneled money in various ways to Bombardier – 82 separate times. Only to see the company left with only private jets, massive pension liabilities and billions in debt.

Protestors Chant “keep ’em in poverty”

Maybe not exactly but they might as well. Every band council along the Coastal Gaslink route has stated – it’s a generational opportunity to alleviate poverty but the protestors are against it because they have other agendas.

First Nations Supporting Pipelines Still Overlooked

Saying the protestors support the Wet’suwet’en is grossly misleading given the vast majority of those living in Wet’suwet’en communities along the proposed route support the project.

When Is It Time To Enforce The Laws

The feds say they won’t interfere in the Coastal Gaslink dispute, which resulted in serious disruptions in rail service – which is under federal jurisdiction. So if not now, then when.