Mike's Daily Comment

Simply Put – It Scares The Hell Out of Me

The latest report from the trustees of the US Social Security System projects that it will run out of money in 15 years.  Why do I get the feeling that our political leaders have no clue as to monumental implications for not just the US but Canada and the world.

Earth Day – A Litany of Apocalyptic Predictions

False predictions of impending doom have been the mainstay of Earth Day since its inception in 1970. But have the litany of false forecast undermined calls for action today.

Dazed and Confused When It Comes To Gas Prices

We want gas prices higher to discourage driving – that’s what the carbon tax is about.  At least until prices go up – then some of the same climate crusaders start talking about subsidizing gasoline, which encourages driving.

Is Alberta Getting Ready to Pull a “Klein” on BC

In the late 90’s there was an exodus of head offices from BC to Alberta, thanks to lower corporate tax rates, a business friendly government and reduced regulations. With the United Conservatives promising to cut corporate taxes and regulation by a third is it about to be “deja vu all over again.”

BC NDP Helps Propel Alberta’s United Conservatives to Victory

Faced with a choice between his NDP cousins in Alberta and grabbing power in BC through a coalition with the Green Party, which meant any cooperation or  “social license” on the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion had no chance. And neither did Rachel Notley and the NDP in the Alberta election.

Getting Only Half The Story Right

Proponents of a carbon tax love to point to BC as an example of a carbon tax that didn’t hurt the economy.  The problem is – they missed the key point.  The original carbon tax legislation gave back all the money raised to individuals and business through lower income taxes. Now the NDP’s changed that.