Mike's Daily Comment

The Election’s Over – Reality Sets In

Lots of magical talk about problems like affordable housing during the federal election but the truth is that it’s the municipal and provincial governments that have added tens of thousands to cost of new units.

NBA Dispute With China’s Big Message Ignored

Chinese money is everywhere including in Canada – universities, supporting some politicians, and of course, in business and as the NBA just found out, all they demand in return is to acquiesce to Xi Jinping’s totalitarian government.

President Obama’s Blatant Attempt to Influence Canadian Voters

And further fuel cynicism about the election.  No sitting or past president has ever so blatantly pushed Canadians to vote for a specific candidate.  Liberals seem to think that’s okay but they sure wouldn’t if the shoe was on the other foot.

Canadians Don’t Believe Parties Will Keep Their Promises

We better hope they’re right.  We’re hearing some outrageous and unworkable promises that will leave us far worse off financially while killing economic growth and job creation.

The Root of Really Bad Economic Campaign Promises

Some people just can’t get that 2+2 = 4 no matter which party’s in power. They think everything is political, which is why they don’t have a clue about how capital investment decisions are made, how economic growth happens and how jobs are created.

Even Slower Growth in Spending is Called a Cut

For anyone who’s read a federal auditor general’s report chronicling billions wasted, the shrieks of horror over the thought of cutting spending is a bit much. But there is no cut to over spending by any of the parties – just different rates of growth.