Mike's Daily Comment

Not In Our Kids’ Best Interest

They’re cancelling honours programs in math and science in high school but rest assured they’re not doing that in Singapore, Japan, India or China.

We’re Not Going Back To Normal

Lots of changes during the pandemic are permanent – especially for business – and that’s exciting. The key, as always,  is to continue to adapt.

This Comment is Meant for Workers Only

When corporate income taxes are raised – guess who pays the biggest price. Hint: The research and common sense say look in the mirror.

We Don’t Even Know How Big the Bonus Is

To borrow from Orwell, all men are created equal but some are more equal than others. At least when it comes to getting a bonus or a raise.

Who Are You Going to Bet On?

No this is not a joke. Xi Jinping in a room with Prime Minister Trudeau, or President Biden, or French President Macron or Boris Johnson – who do you put your money on?

Let’s Get ‘Em Before They Get into the Work World

A new push for 16 year olds to vote by people who would never want them to make their families major financial decisions or be tried in adult court.