Mike's Daily Comment

Sticking it to Young People

And they don’t even know it, which makes me wonder, is that why we keep them in the dark and don’t teach them about finance and economics.

Are You Really that Gullible

$450 billion in provincial and federal deficits this year but politicians who love bigger government tell us they won’t raise taxes. Sure, and I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

I’ll Bet They’re Wrong

Politicians talk like there are no consequences to the massive buildup of government debt. Consider that if bond rates went back to where they were in January it would add about 30 billion a year in interest cost federally.

Same Debate – Same Result

Both Alberta and BC have revived the debate over private medical care in Canada. And once again ideology trumps patient care.

Canadians Businesses Will Have To Answer This Question At Some Point

How many more offenses by China would it take for them to reconsider their relationship? More Canadian hostages or a takeover of Taiwan? Where do they draw the line.

Today’s Economic Downturn is just Another Excuse…

To ignore that a weak economy hurts low income families the most. And despite the fact that economic growth is the best remedy for poverty many in politics continue to work hard against it.