Mike's Daily Comment

Of All The Spending Announcements This One Knocked Me Off My Feet

Nearly $90 million – this one is so far down my list – and I’ll bet your list too – that it literally got me to yelp like a dog that’s just been kicked.

The One Sure Thing Coming Out of The Pandemic

Canadians love money from government and the last two months have been a freebie fest. But…

Beware of Misleading Headlines

Get ready for a big 3rd quarter turnaround but given we’ll be comparing to the most dismal quarter in history, beating those numbers won’t be hard but that misses the bigger picture.

The High Cost of Ideology

Do you remember earlier this year when Amazon was chased out of New York by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and friends? Those jobs and government revenue would look awfully good now.

The Worst Policy of the Pandemic

At a time with record lay-offs, some businesses are unable to pay rent during the sharpest economic contraction in history – the BC NDP says they can’t delay raising the cost of rehiring laid off workers.

Standing Up to China Comes At A Cost

That the Feds aren’t willing to pay. Standing up for principles like freedom, democracy and human rights always does but we’re already paying a price for kowtowing to the Communists.