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My Last Business Comment on Corus

And the Prime Minister says, “forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy.” So who the heck wants to hear a business comment about interest rates, inflation or record deficits. Clearly he doesn’t.

For All the Talk About Concern Over Climate Change There’s One Giant Omission

They have no plan – no clue about how to get the raw materials needed for renewable energy and electric vehicles. And refuse to acknowledge the slave labour used to make the majority of solar panels.

“Build, Back, Better” Originated at the World Economic Forum in June, 2020

It was the slogan for Biden, the UK’s Boris Johnson, the EU’s Legarde and now the Prime Minister – but what does it mean?

It’s THE Key Question in Evaluating Various Party Platforms

And it relates to a question that I’ve never had an even remotely satisfactory answer to – even from the anti-capitalists – who can see Cuba and Venezuela for details.

Coverage of Economics and Finance in this Election Better Be Different

I appreciate our politicians and most of the media don’t “do” economics but debt’s up $500 billion in 2 years – competitiveness ranking is down – capital investment at generational lows.