Mike's Daily Comment

The Focus On Trump Misses The Bigger Story

Traditional politics is on the outs across the world. Brexit and a UK election featuring Jeremy Corbyn vs Boris Johnson was inconceivable just 5 years ago. As was the takeover of the Democratic Party by socialists Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Not An Anniversary To Celebrate

We hear so much about Canadian values from some quarters – the question is which Canadian values are on display when it comes to ignoring, in the name of trade, that the Chinese government is holding two Canadians hostage.

Canada’s NATO Commitment Is Not Going To Be Ignored

In 2014 Canada signed the agreement, along with all other NATO members to spend 2% of our GDP on the military. We’re not close and the US, whose picking up the shortfall is not going to let it go.

BC Working Hard To Restore the Alberta Advantage

The new Employers Health Tax will take another $2 billion from BC businesses that Alberta’s businesses don’t pay. And the ripple effect will help push Vancouver’s property tax increase to double Edmonton’s and Calgary’s.

Will Climate Strike Student Protestors Change Their Wish List?

The holiday shopping season’s here. I wonder how many of the student Climate Strike protestors have changed their Christmas wish list or was it all just talk.

The Anti-Business Brigade Never Acknowledges These Two Facts

1. No charity in Canada who helps the vulnerable and the needy does their important work without the backing of business and the people who work in them. 2. A strong economy is directly correlated with increased charitable giving.