Mike's Daily Comment

UN Admits To Being Clueless About First Nation’s Pipeline Support

One of the great myths perpetrated by American and Canadian pipeline opponents along with their political allies is that all First Nations oppose pipeline projects.  Many bought it, but it was unequivocally false.

No One Is Supposed To Talk About This Inconvenient Truth

When it comes to the Coastal GasLink and Trans Mountain pipelines, opponents don’t even want to acknowledge the poverty in some First Nations communities that these projects would alleviate.

A Predictable End But How Much Did It Cost Taxpayers

The Supreme Court was never going to change the Constitution at the whim of the BC government but this was all politics and not about the environment or the division of powers.

We Just Broke The Global Debt Record…What Are The Consequences

The only big financial problems all come back to borrowing and lending. The question that you shouldn’t avoid is – what are the consequences of $253 trillion in global debt. Your financial well being depends on it.

A Brilliant Example of the Impact of Taxes

Proponents of higher taxes play dumb (okay, maybe they’re not playing) when it comes to the impact of higher income taxes but that doesn’t change the reality.

Here’s a Scary Thought

Canada continues to get a C- when it comes to economic growth despite the fact that we’ve all taken a 30% plus pay cut compared to US workers thanks to a weak loonie – along with other factors including record low interest rates – the question is why and at what cost.