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3 Things Your Business Can Do to Thrive During COVID

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It’s one of the most watched Ted Talks in history – 12 million plus want to know where Simon Sinek thinks we went wrong with Millennials.

What Are We Seeing in Mortgage Rates?

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Insider’s View of Precious Metal Investing

Bradford Cooke, CEO of Endeavour Silver, shares his insights on how individual investors can participate in this bull market for gold and silver – and some of the underlying trends you need to watch.

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One of the finest minds in America outlines the sure fire way to make yourself stupid.

Big Fat Idea – Developing New Gold Discoveries

Jack Lundin, CEO of Bluestone Resources joined Mike live from Geneva with some insights into the hot finance market for gold projects, why he likes non-traditional mine jurisdictions like Guatemala and why he thinks the gold and silver markets still have room to run.