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Big Fat Idea – Investing in CyberSecurity

Ian Paterson, CEO of Plurilock Security joins Michael to share some insights into the booming market for cybersecurity products and services – and most importantly, some ideas on how investors can participate.

Big Fat Idea – Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium

Jim Paterson, CEO of Valore Metals joins Mike to update him on the booming PGM market, and how investors can add exposure to their portfolios.

Big Fat Idea – Buy Real Estate Right Now

Kyle Green joins Mike to explain how you should be buying real estate right now – because if you bought a property that had 0 positive cashflow and had 0 appreciation, you would still be making 10% return on your investment by having your tenant pay down your mortgage for you.

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Big Fat Idea – Gold Royalty Companies

Should you add royalty generating companies to your portfolio? Mike is joined by Frederick Bell, CEO of Elemental Royalties, to find out what kind of investor can benefit from them, how they work and how they can help with your cash flow and hedging.

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Big Fat Idea – Re-Balance Now!

Neil McIver joined Michael to share why re-balancing your portfolio needs to happen right now – to avoid unnecessary risk in a COVID skewed market and in light of government interventions.

This was one of the themes in Neil’s 2021 World Outlook Financial Conference workshop – Beating the Market in 2021 & What Institutions Know That You Don’t. This workshop is the #1 most watched presentation from the Conference. As a special bonus for our MoneyTalks audience we’re able to offer you free access to Neil’s full video presentation. CLICK to Access