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Time is Running Out

Fact: According to a recent poll within 72 hours, 93% of the people who bid in the Newmont/Goldcorp Special Olympics auction woke up even more good looking and intelligent. Some winning bidders even went from a “3” to a “10”.  Provincial law prevents us from guaranteeing that but we like your chances.

This is just a friendly reminder that there’s just hours left to get instant entry into everyone’s good books. (The auction closes at 7:30 Thursday evening.)

Just CLICK HERE – sign up and start bidding on a variety of great items.

Are You Up For A Challenge?

See if you can outbid me.

Of course, the big reason is to help Special O provide life-changing opportunities and an essential bridge to the community at large for over 5,200 children, teenagers and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Every dollar raised in the auction enables another of our special needs individual to play a sport, maybe take a trip to a provincial championship or get some essential medical attention through Special O’s Healthy Athlete screening program. Your bid or donation will help another four year old join the renowned Active Start program in order to improve their motor skills.

If you’re not the winning bidder you can still go to the site and donate.

The action online auction runs through Thursday evening, June 20th, when the auction closes at approximately 7:30. And then winners will be notified.

Your help is important and appreciated.



Instant Wisdom

It’s just so easy to give the thumbs up to Socialism – at least until you have to pay for it.

I am very pleased to be able to offer this time-sensitive compilation of exclusive analysis and insights from some of the best financial minds in the English-speaking world. It is nothing short of awesome to have this much material produced exclusively for MoneyTalks subscribers. This was achieved based on over 3 decades of relationship and friendships, and I want to thank these folks again for agreeing to participate.

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Chapter 3 – Lucky Seven Seven Major Macro – Market “Themes” for the Rest of 2019 by Greg Weldon
Chapter 4 – Why I’m Worried and What You Should Do by Lance Roberts
Chapter 5 – Gold will be a Good Hedge and Other Ideas for 2019 by Dr. Martin Murenbeeld
Chapter 6 – The Trend Letter – Our Investing Strategies for 2019 by Martin Straith
Chapter 7 – From Energy Bear to Energy Bull: Where to Invest in 2019-2020 by Joseph Schachter
Chapter 8 – Cannabis & Healthcare by Paul Beattie
Chapter 9 – Stock Picks – Taking Advantage of Low % Rates & Other Factors by Tyler Bollhorn
Chapter 10 – The Bullish Case for Big Returns in U.S. Treasury Bonds by Patrick Ceresna
Chapter 11 – Real Estate – A Case of the ‘Yeah But’s’ Again? by Ozzie Jurock
Chapter 12 – Massive Healthcare Cost Boom – Crisis & Opportunity by Ryan Irvine

Big Fat Idea – Spring Portfolio Re-balancing

Neil McIver of mcivercapital.com shares the techniques he uses to ensure his clients’ portfolios are positioned for the rest of the year – including some surprising shifts in stock positions.

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Asking For Your Help with Special Olympics

I’ve always thought of our audience and our subscribers as part of my network…my team – so that’s why I’m writing today.

I’ve always said that MoneyTalks is more than an opportunity to raise the level of financial and economic discussion – I also see it as an opportunity to make a monster difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities through Special Olympics.

I need your help, especially this year. One of our major sponsors has been taken over and is moving to the US, and one of the international grants which finance the incredibly important Healthy Athlete program has expired. So we have a big financial hole to fill.

As well as serving on the executive of Special O – I am also the chairman of the Goldcorp Invitational Special Olympics Golf Tournament which takes place on June 20th, 2019. We need businesses to consider participating as $1500 Tee Sponsors, and for individuals and businesses to consider being $500 “Draft an Athlete” Sponsors. But that’s not all – we also need donations of quality auction items for our online auction.

And the only way any of this gets done – the only way to break through the noise and bustle of everyday life is to ask people you know – is to ask your contacts. And that’s where you come in. You’re one of my contacts.

Just so you know, I don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable doing it. These children and adults, along with their families, deserve our support. In my own experience Special Olympics participants are the forgotten athletes. Special O helps build a bridge to the community at large for many individuals who, before joining Special Olympics, were isolated and alone. This is where our 4,800 athletes across the province and tens of thousands more across the country build friendships and self-esteem. It’s not an exaggeration to say our donations literally change people’s lives and in my books that’s a heck of a bang for my buck.

One Final Thought

I said right at the outset that this is an opportunity – but it’s not just an opportunity to support individuals who deserve our help. I don’t know whether you call it Karma or sending the right message, but we are in dire need in Canada of people who do more than talk a good game. We need people who take action that say to the families and individuals with Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Disorder, Fragile X Syndrome or other delayed developmental disorders that you care and they matter. I guarantee that only good will come from it.

Please contact Mark in my office if you would like to make arrangements to help us with Tee Sponsorship, Draft an Athlete or to donate to our silent auction. He can be reached at mark@mikesmoneytalks.ca or call him directly at 604.505.3341.

Many thanks,


Big Fat Idea

Craig Burrows of Triview Capital on the value and opportunity behind a real estate trust available to investors of all types.