Economic Outlook

How Tech Unicorns Are Just Like China’s “Ghost Cities”

Since the Great Recession, there has been an explosion of interest and activity in the tech startup arena. Tens of thousands of tech startups have been founded in recent years and there are now over three hundred new “unicorn” startups that have valuations of $1 billion or more. The startup gold rush began as countless entrepreneurs attempted to follow in the footsteps of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the “Google Guys,” Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Unfortunately, the majority of today startups – including today’s hottest unicorns – are burning copious amounts of cash. In this piece, I will make the case that today’s startup phenomenon is very similar to China’s construction of countless empty “ghost cities” for the purpose of creating jobs and economic growth…..CLICK for complete article

Bicycle Therapeutics IPO: What You Need To Know

Bicycle Therapeutics, which derives its name from a novel class of medicines it develops, is riding its way toward a Nasdaq listing.

Bicycle is a clinical-stage biopharma company and uses a novel class of medicines known as bicycles: synthetic short peptides constrained to form two loops, which provides stability and selectivity.

This unique therapeutic modality combines the pharmacology usually associated with a biologic with the manufacturing and pharmacokinetic properties of a small molecule…..CLICK for complete article

US Cannabis Market Could Hit $22.7B By 2023

A new report projects the cannabis market in the United States will reach $22.7 billion in sales by 2023. The estimates in the Brightfield Group report imply a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent over the next four years.

The recreational market is expected to lead the charge, at least in 2019, delivering 33 percent growth, driven by a variety of factors including the stabilization of the market in California and new adult-use markets coming online….CLICK for complete article

The Never-ending Story

You can pretty much count on it. If we get a decent down day, then the administration will frantically back-pedal any tough-on-trade talk and send equities flying higher again. This back-and-forth has been in place for weeks….CLICK for complete article

A Super-Cheap Dividend Stock for Your Passive-Income Fund

Who says you need to pay a pretty penny to get robust dividends?

Industrial Alliance (TSX:IAG) is a Canadian insurer and diversified financial firm that has one of the cheapest stocks on the entire TSX index.

The 3.62% dividend may not seem like much when you consider that a 4-5% yield is standard for most financials. When you have a look under the hood, however, it’s more apparent that Industrial Alliance also has one of the more conservative payout ratios out there….CLICK for complete article

Ford Is A Truck Company With A Truck-Sized Dividend

With all the talk about electric cars and Tesla (TSLA) constantly stealing the limelight, it is easy to miss the fact that there are other auto manufacturers that offer compelling investment opportunities. The initial battle scene in Episode 3 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones showed the army of the dead essentially steamrolling over the good guys’ defenses. That is not what Tesla is doing to the other manufacturers, except perhaps in the amount of media coverage it is getting….CLICK for complete article