Shocking Stat

Shocking Stat – Oct 2

Energy prices are screaming higher – and there’s a reason why the upward pressure won’t stop.

Quote of the Week & Shocking Stat

Quote of the week 
On the eve of the election, three heavyweights weigh in on what it takes to be a great leader. 

Shocking Stat 
Trumps gone – and so has the anger and frustration…Not! The latest polls results are truly shocking – and spell trouble ahead. 

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and Goofy Award – Aug. 21st

Quote of the Week:
A former CIA Ops officer gives a chilling account of the fall-out from the debacle in Afghanistan that will scare the heck out of you.

Shocking Stat:
Arguably the most chilling stat coming out of the Afghan withdrawal.

Goofy Award:
Facebook’s absurd choice for fact checker reminds us of a much bigger problem but you’re not allowed to ask what it is.

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and Goofy Award – Aug. 7th

Quote of the Week 
Historian David Starkey fascinating observation about politics and young people comes with a serious warning. 

Shocking Stat 
So where does Canada’s healthcare system rank compared to 10 other wealthy countries? Sit down before you hear. 

Goofy Award
Being banned from posting on Facebook is not my goofy – the latest Quebec federal election pay off is. 

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and Goofy Award – July 31st

Quote of the Week
Donald Trump nails the chief characteristic of modern politics – and it’s not good news for the country.

Shocking Stat
So where does all this deficit spending lead? The Parliamentary Budget Officer gives us the shocking destination.

Goody Award
Should call this one the Double Standard – subtitled: Never let an opportunity to virtue signal go waste even when the target’s a contrite teenager.