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While there are no shortage of people who have an opinion about people paying their “fair share” of taxes – not many actually know who pays how much in income taxes. Stats Can clears it up.

Shocking Stat

Gun violence is a daily occurrence in places like Chicago and St Louis but you still won’t believe the extent. (And it’s spreading to Canada.)

Martin Armstrong Was Right Again

“Either Epstein will be found dead claiming suicide because he had remorse, or he will make a deal and then probably will be found dead of some heart attack afterward. I would be shocked if there would EVER be a public trial allowed.” ~ Martin Armstrong July 25th, 2019

When the news broke on Saturday that Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide despite being on a suicide watch in the Manhattan Correctional Centre we couldn’t help but think about a blog post Marty put up last month. CLICK HERE for his complete answer to the question “Will Epstein every go to trial”. ~Ed

Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Shocking Stat – 0:00

It’s the 50 year anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon but what’s really shocking is how rudimentary the technology was.

Goofy – 3:27

Twitter decides to be the judge of what we’re allowed to say as they ban one of Canada’s best known free speech advocates.

Shocking Stat

Anyone with any sensitivity at all will be shocked at how poorly our healthcare system serves people with intellectual disabilities but you’ll be even more shocked at how little our government cares.

Shocking Stat

Forget the debate about socialism  – the verdict is in as millions of Venezuelans voted with their feet.