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Shocking Stat of the Week

Canada’s economic growth is at a standstill but few seem to care.

Quote of the Week

Coastal Gaslink protestors will have to ignore the words of former elected chief of the Haisla First Nations, Ellis Ross as he reminds us what’s at stake.

Our Favourite Shocking Stat of the Year

It’s online pornography vs the Alberta oil sands – which do you think creates more CO2 emissions?

One Stat No One’s Talking About

Five days after Encana’s announced head office move to the US – and there’s still one aspect of the fall-out that no one’s talking about but Canada will be the worse for it.

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Shocking Stat

While there are no shortage of people who have an opinion about people paying their “fair share” of taxes – not many actually know who pays how much in income taxes. Stats Can clears it up.

Shocking Stat

Gun violence is a daily occurrence in places like Chicago and St Louis but you still won’t believe the extent. (And it’s spreading to Canada.)