Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Mike talks the seeds of revolution. Top analyst James Thorne called the rally – you’ll be surprised what he sees coming next. Patrick Ceresna shares a straightforward technique for buying stocks at a 15-20% discount. And a shocking stat details why Dutch farmers are so upset.

August 6 Episode

Inflation? Mike says don’t forget who’s the big winner. Respect for our farmers – Mike talks with Dickson Delorme aka Quick Dick McDick from his farm in Saskatchewan. On the energy file, Josef Schachter on why nat gas rules the world. Plus vaccine mandate opponents worst fears are realized in the goofy. 

July 30th Episode

Mike on the ironic big plus for the economy. Futurist Richard Worzell on the office, work and education. Ozzie on why rising rates won’t impact the majority of home owners…ever. A quote of the week on the EU’s crazy climate agenda. Plus Michael Levy on inflation and a goofy on the height of hypocrisy of Western climate elites.

July 23rd Episode

For some politicians and judges patients dying is a price they’ll pay to protect the system. Essential interview with Canada’s leading expert on the rising cost of food. Brent Holliday on the huge shift for investors in tech, and Ozzie on the latest real estate tax grab.

July 16th Episode

Mike talks about the character flaw that’s producing unfathomably stupid political decisions. All star analyst, Kevin Muir, the MacroTourist, called the stock decline but will surprise you with what he sees coming next. Dr Brian Day on the B.C. Court of Appeal’s decision that says yes, patients are suffering, even dying, waiting for treatment but they aren’t as important as the “system.”