Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

April 29th Episode

A terrific interview with brilliant real estate investor Jeff Olin. Find out the top trends he’s tracking – both good and bad. Top economist Jack Mintz wonders when today’s progressives morphed into yesterday’s socialists. With record deficits, can we afford extra pay for the public sector working past 4 or doubling the amount of paid family-related leave? Plus, Mike stops laughing long enough to expose the utter nonsense of the federal government’s job claims with $14 billion in subsidies for Volkswagen.

April 22nd Episode

Canada’s leading internet expert, Michael Geist on the push by the federal Liberal/NDP government to regulate speech and control content on social media. Our favourite conservative investment analyst Lance Roberts drops by to debunk the myth of “money on the sidelines”. When it comes to spending on climate change, no one’s minding the store in a truly Shocking Stat. And a Goofy featuring the latest row over the CBC.

April 15th Episode

Mike on an energy decision so stupid it defies logic. The CEO of InPlay Oil gives us his no holds barred take on oil and gas. Top contrarian investor Benj Gallander on the markets. And don’t miss a health care decision so goofy that Mike calls in Dr. Brian Day to explain.

April 8th Episode

Mike on the radical visions of Canada dividing politics and Canadians. Is ESG a scam? Rupa Subramanya says the evidence is clear. Tim Cestnick shares tax tips that can save you money, and Rob Levy on both the individual and central bank stampede into gold.

April 1st Episode

As one federal Liberal politician after another emotes about their “affordability for Canadians” budget, a laundry list of new taxes crashes down on all of us April 1st. The worst kind of April Fool’s joke from our benevolent leaders. Kris Sims of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins Mike to break down all the specifics – it’s going to hurt big time. David Yager swings by to help explain why the cost of the TransMountain Pipeline has skyrocketed since the federal government bought it. A great Goofy Award and much more.