Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

October 29th Episode

Mike talks the bank rate’s 1500% move in just 7 months. Famed economist Noriel Roubini gives a stark warning about what’s coming next. Top trader Tyler Bollhorne gives us to tools to know when to buy and when to sell. Plus another CBC goofy award…so deserved.

October 22nd Episode

Not even an energy emergency can stop climate warriors from gluing themselves to rare art and automobile showroom floors. Top stock picker Ryan Irvine loves the big discount on two quality stocks. Ozzie on the single biggest variable that puts a floor on real estate prices.

October 15th Episode

Mike talks sovereign debt, energy, rising interest rates and your finances. BT Global’s ace stock picker Paul Beattie has a couple of hidden gems that have come into buying range. Nano One’s Dan Blondal drops by to shatter some illusions and give some hope re the battery revolution. And a truckers convoy goofy.

October 8th Episode

Mike tackles the “not always right but never wrong” attitude of Western governments, climate activists and Build Back Better advocates as their economic fantasies collapse. Kris Sims on the real reason gas is so high (it’s not oil prices), Mark Leibovit on how he’s trading this bear market, a sobering Goofy Award and much more.

October 1st Episode

Mike sounds the alarm. These are the toughest times in generations for your personal finances. Luke Gromen on the bursting of the sovereign debt bubble. Ozzie and the latest on taxing your personal residence, and a big-time goofy in Parliament.