Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

September 24th Episode

Jeff Olin of Vision Capital shares some real estate investments that could weather a looming recession, Andrew Ruhland on how to minimize losses and optimize your portfolio recovery, interest rate forecasts every mortgage holder should hear, the Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and much more.

September 17th Episode

The always controversial, never shy and startlingly prescient Martin Armstrong returns to the show for an extended conversation. The man the Wall Street Journal called “the highest paid financial consultant in the world” makes time for Mike and the MoneyTalks audience in a wide-ranging discussion on gold, oil, the impacts of the Ukraine war and much more. A serious “don’t miss” event on the MoneyTalks calendar.

September 10th Episode

Energy availability…what else are we taking for granted? One of the investment world’s most insightful analysts, Doomberg, with his take on energy, the EU, food shortages and CANADA. The goofy features Canada’s most absurd Covid restriction…no science/no common sense.

September 3rd Episode

Mike reacts to all the talk about toxic politics. Josef Schachter outlines a major “buy” point in the energy bull market. Ian L Paterson on the latest cyber threat and a shocking stat that made us laugh and cry at the same time – don’t miss it.

August 27th Episode

Mike on the “not so grand” Fauci legacy. Solar power advocate Brian Gitt on the facts that pushed him to nuclear.  The Taxpayers Federation’s Kris Sims shocking Stats of the Week- hint: you paid for it. And the President of Nigeria goes off on the West’s energy hypocrites in the Quote of the Week.