Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

March 12th Episode

It’s a dollar crash – housing, gas, food – “my dollar just doesn’t buy as much any more.” Welcome to the monetary crisis. Mike brings in top analyst Luke Gromen to protect you. Plus Plurilock’s Ian Paterson on cyber security and Ozzie on the government’s attack on affordable housing.

March 5th Episode

Two words – Greg Weldon. In the interview of the year, one of the world’s top macro analysts talks about the misunderstood, ignored and historic financial fall-out from the Ukraine invasion – and how you can protect yourself. Plus Ozzie on the major change in the real estate market.

February 26th Episode

Truckers, Ukraine, gold, oil, stocks… you name it we got it on this week’s show. Plus one of the best interviews on your taxes you’ll ever hear with Tim Cestnick. The quote of the week is a shocking admission about COVID lockdowns from an epidemiologist directly involved, along with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s first goofy.

February 19th Episode

Is the Emergencies Act justified or overkill? Join Mike tomorrow in conversation with the Executive Director of the non-partisan Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Plus a deep dive into the the impact of Ukraine/Russia confrontation on business and trade with the chair of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association. Mike on the true cost of the “no questions allowed” attitude behind the Prime Minister’s immediate dismissal of the Convoy – plus Martin Straith on the need to protect your investments…now.

February 12th Episode

Mike talks about stoking divisions in the country for political gain. Benj Gallander drops by to talk about buying cheap, unpopular stocks and reaping big rewards. Oh yeah, his portfolio was up 41% last year. Victor on the Russia/Ukraine market scare. And the Quote of the Week puts the Great Reset debate to bed once and for all.