Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – September 14th

This special show offers an extended interview with the world renowned forecaster Martin Armstrong – live from Thailand! A must-hear discussion on financial markets, geo-politics and the future of the world economy. Plus Michael’s editorial on the uselessness of the federal political debates, Victor Adair and Ozzie Jurock.


Complete Show – Sept. 7th

Guest host Michael Levy talks pipelines and the future of renewables, Rob Levy explains how global interest rates are affecting precious metals, Josef Schachter comments on seasonality in the oil sector and we find out why Ross Clark is bullish on Delta Airlines.

Complete Show – Aug 31st

Chalk one up for union members – not the leaders.  Peter Grandich says what’s next in gold.  And the Amazon nonsense from Climate Alarmists.

Complete Show – August 24th

Complete Show – August 17th

We can stop the vitriolic back and forth – you either care about the Ethics Commissioner report or you don’t. Meanwhile James Thorne talk about what you should do in a world with Hong Kong on the brink and de-globalization taking centre stage. Plus a truly shocking stat on corruption in Quebec and SNC Lavalin.


Complete Show – Aug 10th

Mike tells us to get ready for the avalanche of political BS coming our way during the federal election. Don Vialoux gives a short term warning on stocks leading to an buying opportunity and don’t miss the shocking stat and goofy on US gun violence.