Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Entire Show – June 19th

Mike tells you why Pink’s Floyd made his week. Keystone’s Aaron Dunn with some new recommendations for growth and income. Note: every one of his recommendations on his last appearance are up double digits. Plus Bill Maher’s goes after the “woke” crowd in the Quote of the Week – and a goofy that asks “should we cancel Canada Day?”

Entire Show – June 12th

Mike points out the inescapable – virtual signaling is the enemy of progress. You’ll love Greg Weldon, one of the world’s top analyst’s take on gold, cryptos, interest rates and China. Plus a don’t miss the shocking stat and a very serious goofy award.

Entire Show – June 5th

The granddaddy of all pandemic policy mistakes. Neil McIver on reducing you investment risk by avoiding these 4 mistakes he sees on a daily basis. Former MI6 quote on the primary mistake we’re making with China. Plus Ozzie on the change in real estate and a goofy featuring politicians questionable response to the story of the week.

Complete Show – May 29th

The CCP and Canada – questions need to be asked. Eamonn Percy on young people getting a job as the economy reopens. Plus Timer’s Digest Timer of the Year, Mark Leibovit on what’s next for cryptos, gold, stocks and the dollar and sit down before you hear the reason Canada had a shortage of masks, gloves etc when the pandemic began in our shocking stat.

Entire Show – May 21st

The Bank of Canada’s record low rates pushed housing prices higher – and now they can’t so anything about it. Ace analyst, Lance Roberts weighs in on gold, stocks and interest rates. Ozzie talks about the big change in mortgage requirements and a stat that is guaranteed to shock you.

Entire Show – May 15th

Our leaders are blowing a generational economic opportunity. Top economist, John Johnston on whether it’s time to buy some US dollars and take some stock money off the table. Is Ozzie seeing a top in real estate. And attention all “deplorables” don’t miss the goofy.