Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – September 19th

Mike asks a question regarding the COVID lockdown that will make some people very uncomfortable. Plus BT Global fund is up 30% this year, strategist Paul Beatty shares where they’re putting their money now. And don’t miss the most interesting Shocking Stat of the year.

Complete Show – September 12th

308 patients died waiting for treatment in the Fraser Health Region in just one year and the BC NDP government says that’s okay. Plus Eamonn Percy on 3 things your business can do right now to thrive in the pandemic. Neil McIver on how to US election proof your portfolio.

Complete Show – Sept 5th

It’s a new world and Mike dares question labour leader’s old time policy religion. Lance Roberts asks – do you really think we can create trillions out of thin air with no consequences? Plus a Goofy Award we should all hear.

Entire Show – Aug 29th

It’s not over hype to say that the Federal Reserve change in policy regarding inflation and interest rates is huge  – Fed insider, Dr Michael Berry on how it impacts you. Plus Kyle Green on taking advantage of record low mortgage rates, even if you have a mortgage.

Entire Show – August 22nd

What does a new Finance Minister mean for your personal finances. Jeff Olin on the coming winners in real estate now and Mike wonders can we really solve a debt problem by adding more debt.

Entire Show – August 15th

Mike start with absolutely shocking poll results on COVID19. Ace gold analyst, Martin Murenbeeld on which will do better – silver or gold. Plus Ozzie Jurock on CMHC latest move to make home ownership less affordable. Plus the early winner of most shocking US election stat.