Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Feb 27th

Mike talks about the blatant anti-human, anti-intellectual attitude that’s gripping society.  Neil McIver on what every investor should do NOW. Don Vialoux drops by to tell us what history says is coming next in the markets. And the most important shocking stat in finance today.

Complete Show – Feb 20th

Mike says it doesn’t matter what leader’s picture you have above the bed, we’d better get this right or else. Patrick Ceresna on one investment strategy you must be aware of for either growth or income. Plus politicians take note – our shocking stat reflects real leadership. And a goofy you just might agree with.

Complete Show – Feb 13th

Politicians are not serious when it comes to jobs. Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin’s unique way of investing in real estate has never had a down year, plus the most shocking quote of the pandemic.

Entire Show – Feb 6th

Mike discusses the issue that scares him most financially. Terrific interview with Garibaldi Capital’s Brent Holliday on what’s next in tech. And a shocking stat that should concern all Canadians.

Complete Show – January 30th

Gamestop is a compelling story – hedge funds losing billions – individuals striking it rich but it’s also a huge warning. Plus Mike starts with arguably the question of the decade. Plus a goofy award that’s going to bring the hate mail.

Complete Show – Jan 23rd

There’s no mystery why populist sentiment keeps growing. Does the cancellation of Keystone fuel or diminish the anti-establishment/populist movement? Or do you care…if not, then you’re one of the reasons it’s growing.