Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – April 10th

Central banks are creating money out of thin air to finance record spending but what does it mean for you? Top analyst, Luke Gromen tells us how to profit. Plus Ozzie on the government’s first move to slow down the housing market and a goofy that will get you thinking.

Complete Show – April 3rd

It’s a great opportunity. Mike talks to Canada’s Auditor General about repeated problems with how our tax dollars are spent. And he looks at the fallout from China’s takeover of Hong Kong. Hint: good news for Canada.

Complete Show – March 27th

It’s never enough – now they want to tax any gain on the sale of your primary residence. Plus 5 months ago Ryan Irvine recommended 3 stocks. They’re up an average of 42%. Mike asks for two new recommendations. Plus a goofy that’s begs to be mocked but unfortunately it’s too serious.

Complete Show – March 20th

What Dr Seuss, Bernie Sanders and Gamestop are telling us? Josef Schachter on the road map to $100 oil and a goofy award that asks why are we giving tax dollars to China’s Communist Party mouthpieces in Canada.

Complete Show – March 13th

Mike asks, if we won’t protect our children’s financial interest, who will? Top silver analyst, David Morgan tells us why he sees double digit gains this year. A shocking stat that we bet will shock you and everyone else. Plus a goofy – Dumbo and Peter Pan vs Mao.

Complete Show – March 6th

Mike starts by betting you are better at predicting the future than you think. Legendary credit analyst, Bob Hoye drops by to tell us how worried we should be about the biggest bubble of them all – the bond market is showing signs of popping. The shocking stat reveals that when it comes to “diversity” in education the odds are stacked against us.