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Canadian Households Spend More Income On Debt Than Any Other G7 Country: BIS

Canadian households devote an astronomical amount of income just to carry their debt payments. Data from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) shows Canadian households have a very high debt service ratio (DSR). The ratio dropped in Q4 2020 slightly, but it’s still much higher than any other G7 country. Not even the US housing bubble reached this level in 2008.

Canadians Spend 12.4% Of Their Income On Debt Payments
Canadians spend an astronomical share of their income on debt payments. The household DSR reached 12.4% in Q4 2020, down from 13.5% in 2019. It dropped, but this was entirely due to the fact interest costs have fallen. Household credit growth is still booming, and at a much faster rate than income.

Canadian Debt Payments Dwarf The US… Even In 2008
Contrasting with our neighbors to the South, we can see their DSR isn’t even close to Canada. US households had a DSR of 7.6% in Q4 2020, down from 7.9% in the same quarter a year before. They spend a third less of their income on servicing debt…read more.

Mapping The Biggest Companies By Market Cap in 60 Countries

Tech giants are increasingly making up more of the Fortune 500, but the world’s biggest companies by market cap aren’t so cut and dry.

Despite accounting for the largest market caps worldwide—with trillion-dollar companies like Apple and contenders including Tencent and Samsung—tech wealth is largely concentrated in just a handful of countries.

So what are the biggest companies in each country? We mapped the largest company by market cap across 60 countries in August 2021 using market data from CompaniesMarketCap, TradingView, and MarketScreener…read more.

Homes listed for sale in Metro Vancouver have fallen to lows not seen since 2016

VANCOUVER — The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver says home sales have plateaued after reaching record highs in March.

In its third-quarter housing overview for 2021, it said the number of homes listed for sale in Metro Vancouver has fallen to lows not seen since 2016.

The increasing correlation between sales and new listings over the pandemic is consistent with more buyers selling their homes and purchasing other, typically larger ones, it said. First-time homebuyers or those who moved into bigger houses made up a large proportion of house sales, it said.

Andy Yan, director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University, said the earlier rise in sales could be attributed to seasonality where home sales see a surge in the summer as well as people spending the money they had saved up during the pandemic on buying a house…read more.

At end of the day, if bitcoin is successful governments will ‘kill it,’ says Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio, billionaire investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, said that the more successful that bitcoin becomes, the more likely that it will get neutralized by governments and regulators supporting traditional monetary systems.

In an interview with CNBC on Wednesday, Dalio reiterated comments that he has made in the past, repeating that governments have the power to undercut the growth of the nascent cryptocurrency market, including bitcoin BTCUSD, -0.92% and Ether ETHUSD, 0.54% on the Ethereum blockchain, which may pose a threat to conventional finance and global central banks.

Dalio said that bitcoin may not “have intrinsic value” but said that it could still be useful in a diversified portfolio. The hedge-fund manager said that he thinks it’s worth considering all the alternatives to cash and all the alternatives to some of the financial assets…read more.

Alberta introduces new rules, passport amid COVID crisis

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, facing a COVID-19 crisis that is threatening to collapse its health system in just over a week, has reintroduced limits on gatherings along with elements of a vaccine passport system.

Alberta is also asking for help from other provinces to use their intensive care beds and staff while prepping its triage protocols, which would see doctors forced to choose who gets life-saving treatment and who does not.

The United Conservative government declared Wednesday a state of public health emergency.

“We may run out of staff and intensive care beds within the next 10 days,” Kenney said…read more.