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Mike’s Comment – Sept 18

What does a 36 day election campaign get us? Answer: another $600 million in debt, politicization of the pandemic, a nation further divided and not much else.

Mike’s Comment – Sept 11

If you were looking for meaningful from the leaders’ debate – you had to be disappointed but certainly not surprised. But there were two quotes worth noting.

Mike’s Comment – Sept 4

Before we “reimagine capitalism,” which entails record levels of government control and regulation we should consider their track record.

Mike’s Comment

Successive polls make clear that the public may express it in different ways but when it comes to our top election concerns – it all adds up to the same thing.

Mike’s Comment – Aug. 21st

The PM says this election will decide policy that could impact us for decades – Mike agrees – and gives pivotal 2 examples so please pay attention.

Mike’s Comment – Aug. 7th

Our Olympic athletes are fabulous role models. The epitome of dedication, commitment and work ethic. The ultimate merit based selection. Interesting how we reject those characteristics in so many other areas in Canada.