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Mike’s Editorial – Jan 25th

This isn’t highschool. All ideas are not created equal. No marks for participation in the real world yet fringe, off the wall, radical ideas are treated like they’re workable options – and that’s extremely dangerous.

Re-Thinking China

Human Rights Watch latest report labels China a global threat to freedom. Mike asks is there anything China could do to force our government and businesses to rethink our relationship.

Mike’s Editorial – Jan.11

After 30 years of climate change warnings nothing much has changed. Mike risks the wrath of the Climatestrike.org and Extinction Rebellion by asking whether it’s time to change the approach.

The Most Important Question To Ask About 2019

There are big changes coming to the major trends that have dominated finance and politics for the last 10 years – but when? The answer to this question holds the key to the answer.

MoneyTalks Person of the Year

Don’t expect the usual parade of politicians, big talkers and celebrities. We honour Canadians who actually do something.

Mike’s Editorial

With the UK election over – Boris Johnson says Brexit will be done by the end of January.  And the Brits can say goodbye to 40,000 EU rules, 60,000 edicts and 170,000 EU bureaucrats – no wonder Canada’s political elites are appalled at the thought.