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Mike’s Editorial – Forget the Election Debates

Any hope for meaningful discussion of the important issues facing Canada is long gone in the face of political posturing.

Mike’s Editorial – A Win for Union Members

On the Labour Day Weekend, Mike talks about proven economic policies that create workers jobs, increase pay and protect pensions. Hint: Union leaders won’t like it.

Mike’s Editorial – Carbon Tax Insanity

SNC Lavalin Scandal Tells Us a Lot About Ourselves

Some people will care about the Ethics Commissioners report regarding the made in Liberal land SNC Lavalin scandal – some won’t and no Facebook post or tweet is going to change that.

Mike’s Editorial – Healthcare Political Nonsense a Sign of What’s To Come

No province has ever cut healthcare or reduced healthcare spending. No Federal Government, whether under Steven Harper or Justin Trudeau or any other Prime Minister has ever cut the cash sent to the provinces for healthcare – but that doesn’t stop politicos from saying they have.

Mike’s Editorial – Aug 3rd

The Western version of the child soldier are the children climate activists put front and centre to spout the alarmist agenda. Case in point Greta Thunberg. Activists don’t celebrate her for who she is – it’s what she says and her ability to gain media attention.