Mike’s Saturday Editorial

Mike’s Comment – July 24th

Who knows what people really care about. They tell pollsters their big concerns and then ignore policies that have a direct impact. I can only guess why.

Mike’s Comment – July 17th

It doesn’t matter what party you support – there’s one question politicians, media and the public should answer before we get into a federal election campaign.

Mike’s Editorial – July 10th

A new NANOS survey says economic issues are the top concerns heading into an election but so what – our political leaders and media will ignore them.

Mike’s Comment – July 3rd

A Thomas Sowell quote earlier this week got a massive reaction because it gets to the heart of what’s wrong with government.

Mike’s Comment – June 26th

Why are governments so reluctant to investigate China’s role in COVID? The latest example – how did Chinese scientists, including one from the People’s Liberation Army get security clearance to Canada top biotechnology lab?

Mike’s Comment – June 19th

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters takes a stand against censorship. And it’s just in time given the government is pushing Bill C-10, which experts call a full frontal attack on free speech.