Featured Article

The Courage to Look at the Numbers

Different countries adopted different strategies to fight COVID-19. So far we haven’t had the courage or integrity to evaluate which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

The Suffering Will Continue in Our Medical System

It’s what’s best for the patient vs protecting the system. So far the patient’s losing with literally thousands suffering…even dying… waiting for timely treatment. And the BC NDP government and BC Supreme Court says that’s okay. 

Can We Please Move On?

Is it time for labour leaders to turn the page on yesterday’s ideology and forget about pushing policies that hurt workers wages and job creation?

Disagreements Turning Into Hate

Mike delves into the factors that are turning what used to be normal disagreements into hate – and there’s no shortage of hate. And what’s driving it is also a surefire recipe for losing money investing.

Mike’s Editorial

Mike leaves the politics aside and focuses on the economic and financial implications of a new Finance Minister.

Working Hard to Derail the Recovery

Why are so many politicians undermining the only way to mitigate the unprecedented economic and financial damage caused by the pandemic lockdown? Hint: They don’t have a freakin’ clue.