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Mike’s Comment – Dec 4th

Academia, climate science now medicine – when it comes to the battle between open inquiry/free speech vs censorship it’s time to chose sides before it’s too late. If it isn’t already.

Mike’s Comment

Oh, oh Mike’s ruffled some political feathers but how can you analyze or forecast anything financial or economic without talking politics and government?

Canada’s Poor Are Being Ignored – Mike’s Comment

We told him not to say it but he didn’t listen. Mike talks COP26 as just the latest example of politicians giving the middle finger to the poor.

Climate Activists vs The Poor

While virtue signaling politicians and the climate activist industry celebrates reducing the supply of fossil fuel energy, it’s the world’s poor who suffer as prices skyrocket amidst massive inflation.

Mike’s Comment – Questions About the Transition to Renewables

Are we allowed to ask questions about the transition to renewables? Because if we are, Mike can’t believe no one’s asking this one.