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What Michael Jordan Taught Us About Leadership

In the fabulous documentary The Last Dance Michael Jordan – unlike the Prime Minister and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh – never took a summer off. Unlike our federal leaders, he led by example.

Is It OK to Ask Questions Now?

COVID19 didn’t overwhelm our hospitals, and the lock down didn’t save seniors living in care homes, who comprise 82% of overall fatalities. The good news is that the fatality rate is way under the forecasts. So is it okay to ask questions?

Your Cheque from Justin is in the Mail

How about a little socialism? Too late, we’re already there. And brings to mind Margaret Thatcher’s famous warning that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

Mike’s Editorial – May 9th

During some private conversations with top economic and financial analysts I asked what they thought of the government decisions to go nuclear and lock down the whole economy. They didn’t mince words.

Mike’s Editorial – Consequences of Government Handouts

Politicians are loving borrowing and spending hundreds of billions of dollars but they never talk about any negative consequences. Well here’s a beauty. In a country with over 7 million unemployed – employers can’t find workers.

Mike’s Editorial

Mike talks about one of the big messages from current financial and economic environment that nobody’s talking about.