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Mike’s Comment – Aug. 7th

Our Olympic athletes are fabulous role models. The epitome of dedication, commitment and work ethic. The ultimate merit based selection. Interesting how we reject those characteristics in so many other areas in Canada.

Mike’s Comment – July 31st

Divisions in Canada are growing and with a federal election in the offing things are going to get worse. Mike has a solution that will create more harmony in society.

Mike’s Comment – July 24th

Who knows what people really care about. They tell pollsters their big concerns and then ignore policies that have a direct impact. I can only guess why.

Mike’s Comment – July 17th

It doesn’t matter what party you support – there’s one question politicians, media and the public should answer before we get into a federal election campaign.

Mike’s Editorial – July 10th

A new NANOS survey says economic issues are the top concerns heading into an election but so what – our political leaders and media will ignore them.

Mike’s Comment – July 3rd

A Thomas Sowell quote earlier this week got a massive reaction because it gets to the heart of what’s wrong with government.