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Mike’s Editorial – The Scary Politics Behind the Climate Strikes

Most people have no idea what the goals of the Climate Strike are – even though they are spelled out on their website, which makes it obvious that climate alarmism is being used to advance a clearly stated ideological agenda. Our children are simply pawns in the bigger power game. 

Mike’s Editorial

Yes it’s hurtful and hypocritical but the blackface scandal is also obscuring other important issues – from the lack of clean drinking water on some First Nations Reserves to the fact that only 13% of Canadians feel better off compared to 2015.

Mike’s Editorial – Forget the Election Debates

Any hope for meaningful discussion of the important issues facing Canada is long gone in the face of political posturing.

Mike’s Editorial – A Win for Union Members

On the Labour Day Weekend, Mike talks about proven economic policies that create workers jobs, increase pay and protect pensions. Hint: Union leaders won’t like it.

Mike’s Editorial – Carbon Tax Insanity

SNC Lavalin Scandal Tells Us a Lot About Ourselves

Some people will care about the Ethics Commissioners report regarding the made in Liberal land SNC Lavalin scandal – some won’t and no Facebook post or tweet is going to change that.