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You Want To Know Why Things Are So Darn Expensive?

Look no further that the role government plays in everything from the high cost of gasoline to the lack of affordable housing to increase in restaurant meals.

Mike’s Editorial – Money For Nothing

If they had to use their own money do you really think the BC NDP/Green government would be appealing the unanimous BC Supreme Court decision that reiterates what we all knew – inter provincial pipelines are under federal jurisdiction.

Mike’s Editorial – About that 12 Year Countdown To Climate Catastrophe

The co-author of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change report says it never said that.  Meanwhile Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the 12 Year Countdown is only believed by people with the intelligence of a sea sponge.

Mike’s Editorial – Now This is a Dumb Idea

Some of the same people who opposed the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion are talking about building a new refinery in BC, which begs the question – how are you going to get the oil to the refinery – pipeline? tanker? Then how are you going to transport the refined gasoline – pipeline? tanker?

Mike’s Editorial – Most Still Miss the Point on The Trans Mountain Pipeline Dispute

Many Canadians still don’t seem to understand that no matter who’s in power in Alberta the province needs the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion to be built.  The Alberta budget is still $7 billion in the hole while the energy industry has 50,000 fewer workers than just 5 years ago – with thousands of more lay-off to come.

Mike’s Editorial – Are You Feeling the Pinch Yet?

Higher gas taxes, increased mandatory CPP contributions, higher property taxes and of course income taxes are a full frontal attack on your cost of living.  The question is – what are you getting for the extra you’re paying?