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Prediction: No federal party will campaign on cleaning up the billions of tax dollars being wasted despite that Auditor General Michael Ferguson found that a huge amount of the money spent on government programs never reach the people they are intended to help.

Mikes’ Editorial – You’re About to be Knee Deep in BS

The go to rationale for the latest vote buying scheme is that it creates jobs.  The only problem is that these lofty promises rarely work out.  In fact, they regularly cost the economy jobs.


Mike’s Editorial – No Denying It Now

Where are the poverty advocates and progressives who tell us how much they care about the poor? One thing for sure, they don’t care about the vast majority of First Nations directly impacted by the Trans Mountain expansion who have made it clear it’s their best hope to alleviate poverty in their communities.

Mike’s Editorial – Government’s Are Putting People Out of Business

With higher property taxes, higher CPP premiums, the ever increasing carbon tax, BC’s new healthcare tax for employers, hikes in mandatory vehicle insurance – governments are literally forcing some small businesses to close their doors. And they couldn’t care less.


Editorial – Vancouver’s City Council Chooses Empty Gesture On Climate Change

They promote airport expansions and cruise ships yet somehow Vancouver (and Victoria’s) city council takes aim at oil producers without pointing a deserving finger at themselves.

Mike’s Editorial – The Irrationality of the Kinder Morgan Expansion Debate

The BC government’s in court to stop Alberta from pushing more gas, diesel and jet fuel down the expanded Trans Mountain Pipeline while at the same time going to court to prevent Alberta stopping the flow of gas, diesel and jet fuel down the pipeline.