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Mike’s Comment – Oct 30th

Mike talks about the message behind the most controversial cabinet pick in memory that even had Liberal heads spinning.

Mike’s Comment – Oct 23rd

I know we shouldn’t say it but it’s deja vu all over again with COP26 ready to go in Glasgow – lots of agreements but no practical plans.

Mike’s Comment – Oct 16th

You’ve got to hand it to the Build Back Better crowd – the fact that they missed every major financial trend of the last 10 years hasn’t discouraged them from wanting to “reimagine capitalism.”

Mike’s Comment

Natural gas up 40% in a few hours. What scares me is that I see no indication that policymakers get the message. Do you?

Mike’s Comment Oct 2

If you didn’t anticipate Trump’s election, Brexit, the storming of the Capital Building and global unrest then you need to understand the dominant trend to know what’s coming next.