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The Most Important Question To Ask About 2019

There are big changes coming to the major trends that have dominated finance and politics for the last 10 years – but when? The answer to this question holds the key to the answer.

MoneyTalks Person of the Year

Don’t expect the usual parade of politicians, big talkers and celebrities. We honour Canadians who actually do something.

Mike’s Editorial

With the UK election over – Boris Johnson says Brexit will be done by the end of January.  And the Brits can say goodbye to 40,000 EU rules, 60,000 edicts and 170,000 EU bureaucrats – no wonder Canada’s political elites are appalled at the thought.

Mike’s Editorial – Pensions on My Mind

Maybe I should retire. It would certainly make some people happy, especially supporters of the status quo power groups but I can’t turn my back on what’s about to happen in the next two years – i.e. massive financial changes.

Mike’s Editorial – Governments Can’t Help Themselves

The EcoFiscal Commission is the latest to recommend a carbon tax BUT with a big caveat – in order to offset the impact – the money must be returned to the individuals and businesses who paid it. In other words, revenue neutral – sadly governments disagree.


Mike’s Editorial – Warning Signs

One of the key indicators of job creation and economic growth has just hit a 61 year low – and few seem to care. Meanwhile, after a 30% cut in wages due to the falling loonie,  record low interest rates and big deficit spending – the economy can manage 1.7% growth. Why?