Mike’s Saturday Editorial

Mike’s Comment

Lack of accountability of the political class guarantees more bad decisions of the magnitude that produced a 40 year high in inflation, record energy prices and the most dangerous geopolitical situation in a generation.

Mike Comment – March 26th

Governments around the Western World do a shocking 180 when it comes to fossil fuel consumption while pushing inflation higher at the same time.

Mike’s Weekly Comment

Doomberg calls our climate policy “a special kind of stupid.” – Harsh? maybe – Accurate? what we’re seeing right now points to YES.

Mike’s Comment – Mar 5th

Do you like $2 a litre gas because it was inevitable once we substituted virtue signaling for critical thinking on the climate file. Note: record gasoline, coal and natural gas prices were with us well before the Ukraine invasion.

Mike’s Comment – Feb 26th

The most surprising aspects of the Truckers Convoy? That’s easy…no one saw it coming. Plus when it comes to Russia why the West is ready to talk tough but will be challenged to follow through.