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Wired for Ignorance

This week the Bank of Canada stated the two keys to economic recovery. The only problem is, our politicians are wired to ignore the advice.

New Thinking Needed

Our politicians continue to act like it’s business as usual despite the financial and economic crisis – and that guarantees big trouble ahead for all of us.

Would You Take This Deal?

Mike’s got a business deal for you. The question is – Do you want it? Note: your answer will determine how strong the recovery is.

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

The three minute guide to the number one, most essential, pivotal, “need to know” thing that causes the biggest changes in stocks, interest rates, gold, real estate, currencies and politics.

All Talk – No Action

One of the truly great examples of virtue signaling politics. Doesn’t get much done but it sure sounds good – and that’s enough for some people.

Crisis…. What Crisis?

As the Throne speech made clear, there’s nothing in our leaders actions suggest they understand the financial/economic crisis we’re in – let alone have a plan to address the problems.