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9 Years of Deficit in Just 1

The federal government is about to ring up more debt this year than that last 9 years combined. Many economists are saying it’s affordable but that depends on who’s willing to lend and at what rate.

Mike’s Editorial

Mike exposes the superficiality of the narrative of returning to “normal.”

What Should You Do?

As the Central Banks step up with hundreds of billions of dollars to keep interest rates down and the credit markets functioning – what should you do.

The Early Innings of a Monetary Crisis

Mike got his first letter of apology from a former “hater” who now understand that the major themes on MoneyTalks from pension to credit problems to the downturn in the markets.  Mike hints at where the big risk for individuals is now. 

You Absolutely Have To Know This

This isn’t hype – we’re not overselling it. What’s going on in the short term lending markets is literally the biggest, most important financial story since the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis – and no one’s talking about it. Please share it with friends.

Mike’s Editorial – March 7th

Many cheered when billions in capital investment and potential government revenue left Canada.  How does that look now in the face of the potential financial fallout of the novel corona virus because it won’t be the last financial shock.