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Mike’s Editorial – Stop Treating Canadians Like Victims

The politics and policies that played out over the election seemed to collectively treat Canadians as victims in dire need of government assistance. This is a fundamental dis-service to those that really need our help.

Mike’s Editorial – The Stupidest Election Ever

Noted Laval Economist, Stephen Gordon Calls the Election “the stupidest ever.” That’s an understatement when it comes to economic policy. Whether you’re issue is sustainable healthcare, the high cost of living, poverty or climate change – it all comes down to economics.

Mike’s Editorial – Where Will Government Go For The Money?

We need billions more for existing programs – tens of billions more for new promises. When the next downturn hits – the deficit will explode and governments will go where the money is – your home.

Mike’s Editorial – Respecting Work Ethic

It’s been obvious for years that an increasing number of Canadians don’t respect or value work ethic – the drive and determination that lays the foundation for financial success – and three of our federal parties know it.

Mike’s Editorial – The Scary Politics Behind the Climate Strikes

Most people have no idea what the goals of the Climate Strike are – even though they are spelled out on their website, which makes it obvious that climate alarmism is being used to advance a clearly stated ideological agenda. Our children are simply pawns in the bigger power game. 

Mike’s Editorial

Yes it’s hurtful and hypocritical but the blackface scandal is also obscuring other important issues – from the lack of clean drinking water on some First Nations Reserves to the fact that only 13% of Canadians feel better off compared to 2015.