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Mike’s Comment – Jan 15th

Like Tears for Fears says, “everybody want to rule the world” – or in this case “re-imagine” the economy or capitalism. Only problem is they can’t even get the basics right.

Mike’s Comment – Jan 8th

Talk about out of touch. Rising cost of living is our biggest worry – and look who’s piling on.

Mike’s Year-End Comment

Mike weighs in on what he calls the easiest forecast for 2022. Forget what Stats Can or the government says – 2022 will be more expensive for every single one of us.

Mike’s Comment – Dec 18th

It’s obvious what’s led to the OECD’s scary forecast about Canada’s economy but no one seems to care…until it’s too late.

Mike’s Comment – December 11th

“It’s Frank’s world, and we’re all just living in it.”
Sammy Davis Jr.
Mike highlights the incredible disconnect between the educated elite decision makers and the reality of policies on the ground.