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Mike’s Comment – June 26th

Why are governments so reluctant to investigate China’s role in COVID? The latest example – how did Chinese scientists, including one from the People’s Liberation Army get security clearance to Canada top biotechnology lab?

Mike’s Comment – June 19th

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters takes a stand against censorship. And it’s just in time given the government is pushing Bill C-10, which experts call a full frontal attack on free speech.

Mike’s Comment – June 12th

When it comes to First Nations issues like a lack of safe drinking water do you really think the lack of progress is because of a shortage of politicians saying all the right things?

Mike’s Comment

There’s one government mistake above all others that doomed our pandemic response from the vaccine roll-out to the failure to protect the elderly – with all the inconsistencies in between.

Mike’s Comment

Researchers with direct links to the People’s Liberation Army and China’s Communist Party worked at Canada’s top security lab – it’s not racist to ask why.