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Mike’s Comment – Feb 19th

Whether it’s climate change, the COVID response or the Truckers’ Convoy – the government’s attitude has been crystal clear – only low lifes and deplorables would question us.

Mike’s Comment – Feb 12th

A Liberal MP from Quebec says government’s instant divisive response to the Truckers’ Convoy is by design – but at what cost to Canada?

Mike’s Comment

From the moment Covid was politicized it became a “choose your side” event – so no surprise that the Truckers’ Convoy is no different, which is bad news for the country.

Mike’s Comment – Jan 29th

The reaction to the Truckers’ Convoy by the establishment is both predictable and disappointing – more important it’s a missed opportunity to help heal growing divisions in the country.

Mike’s Comment – Jan 22nd

Go figure. Polls say that Canadians’ biggest worry is rising prices but many of the same people support climate policies that are guaranteed to push prices higher.