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Mike’s Editorial

Canada enters 2021 as an increasingly divided country. Mike has a straightforward suggestion for what we can do personally do to promote a more tolerant, harmonious society but most will ignore it.

Boxing Day – The Essence of Economics

Those who push for more taxes seem oblivious to the reality of human nature when it comes to the choices we make with our own money.

Mike’s Quote of the Year Candidate

Our quote of the year should be required reading for climate change advocates and virtue signaling politicians.

Mike’s Comment

If you think that pandemic aid should be directed at the people and businesses who’ve been impacted the most then you’ll agree with the latest choice for Worst Pandemic Financial/Economic policy.

Mike’s Editorial

There’s something very wrong when the reaction to the massive federal deficit would be the same whether it was $250 billion, 382 billion or $550 billion. To say we are not serious about the financial danger is an understatement.

Looking Good vs. Doing Good

A new study explains the real motivation for donating to charity and supporting specific government policies. And in the process explains our love affair with virtue signaling.