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April 1st
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Tyler Bollhorn's Free Webinar Series. We highly recommend these events for anyone looking to improve their stock trading performance. Starting on Saturday April 1st at 10:15am pacific with Common Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Stock Performance. Reserve your spot now! And check out the other topics on offer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week.
Michael Campbell
A pandemic business loan program paid $2,047,682,710 to borrowers who never qualified for subsidies in the first place, new data shows. (That amount doesn’t include borrowers who were rejected at the outset on suspicion of fraud.) In a separate Inquiry, the CRA said 2,640 companies that received interest-free loans were found to be insolvent - totaling $1.05 billion.

Blacklocks Reporter
We're back on YouTube! Watch feature interviews and special segments in living colour. Is government broken? Check out my conversation with Yves Giroux, Canada's Parliamentary Budget Office.
Michael Campbell

April 1st MoneyTalks

As one federal Liberal politician after another emotes about their "affordability for Canadians" budget, a laundry list of new taxes crashes down on all of us April 1st. The worst kind of April Fool's joke from our benevolent leaders. Kris Sims of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins Mike to break down all the specifics - it's going to hurt big time. David Yager swings by to help explain why the cost of the TransMountain Pipeline has skyrocketed since the federal government bought it. A great Goofy Award and much more. Listen here.

MoneyTalks Editor