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March 18th
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Fully Bullish on Oil and Gas Stocks - Josef Schachter has added 22 stock recommendations for his subscribers and more to come. Tune in to hear the 2 "table pounding buys" he's sharing with MoneyTalks. Click to listen
Michael Schellenberger
He Warned Us - Jim Thorne has been warning of the consequences of raising rates too high and too fast since last summer. Now that the bank instability he forecast has occurred - what's next? A must-hear conversation with Mike. Click to listen.

Michael Campbell
Special Offer - $100 off the first quarter subscription to the Schachter Energy Report. See all of Josef's new "desk pounding buy" recommendations. CLICK HERE and use the promo code MT2023.
Michael Campbell
March 18th Show - The collapse of the debt pyramid was inevitable and predicted on MT but James Thorne will surprise with what's coming next. 50 to 60% discounts on quality energy stocks has Josef Schachter giving the green light. Goofy: Mike says the appointment of the "special rapporteur" completely misses the point. Listen here.  
MoneyTalks Editor