Are You Really that Gullible

10/22/2020 6:41 AM

$450 billion in provincial and federal deficits this year but politicians who love bigger government tell us they won't raise taxes. Sure, and I've got a bridge to sell...

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Despite price rise, copper at historic low against gold

10/22/2020 11:11 AM

According to the popular adage, copper has a doctorate in economics, with an ability to predict turning points in the global economy. This proverb stems from the metal’s use in widespread applications, from power generation and electricity distribution to iPhones....

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Today’s Best Money Making Ideas

Schachter’s Eye on Energy – Oct. 21st

10/21/2020 2:03 PM

A plunge in US energy consumption last week of 1.4Mb/d to 18.1Mb/d weakened US crude prices by over US$1.50/b. And a breach of US$40/b is imminent. Josef feels the next target is US$36/b in the coming weeks. Each week Josef Schachter will give you his insights into...

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LGBTQ ETF Could List In Q1, Perhaps Sooner

10/20/2020 7:52 AM

Financial data company LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings, Inc. plans to launch an exchange traded fund linked to the LGBTQ+ ESG100 Index in the first quarter of 2021, and perhaps sooner depending upon on market conditions. What Happened: The Florida-based company planned to...

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