Lots of Talk About Taxing Your Home

06/22/2021 6:04 AM

We should say taxing any gain on the sale of your primary residence because we're already paying property taxes, GST on building materials, property purchase taxes in some provinces and a raft of government...

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How to retire a millionaire

06/22/2021 7:32 AM

  Retiring a millionaire isn't as farfetched as it may seem. With a bit of saving, investing, and a proper plan, you can be well on your way to hitting $1 million -- or more -- by the time you reach retirement age. In fact, the number of retirement millionaires have...

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Today’s Best Money Making Ideas

Goofy Award – June 19th

06/19/2021 10:50 AM

Victoria city council has cancelled Canada Day celebrations because of the horrific unmarked burial site of students at the Kamloops Residential School - but is that the most effective way forward for...

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