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September 23rd
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Michael Campbell
CMHC says Canada needs an additional 3.45 million homes built by 2030 above current planning - i.e. 2.3 million houses are planned, but 5.8 million are needed to bring housing prices back to 2004 affordability level.                
Michael Campbell

When the CEOs of the five biggest grocery chains met with federal officials, including finance minister Chrystia Freeland, Dalhousie's Sylvain Charlebois was there. Canada's top food expert gives an inside scoop on what was said, including squelching a bad idea to bring food prices down.

Michael Campbell

September 23rd MoneyTalks

The feds are reading the polls; people are frustrated and angry about high grocery prices, so a meeting was called. Sylvain Charlebois was there and gives us the inside scoop. Jeff Olin says the stock market's decline has created opportunities to get the best REITs at big discounts. And a Shocking Stat on the fed’s EI about-face. Your paycheque is shrinking. Listen Now.
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