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Is This Where We’re Headed?

Are You Prepared For The Melt-Down?

A recession is coming, that much we should all be able to agree on. Sure, we can debate the exact timing, but the reality is the global economy is going to have a significant melt-down soon.  And when the economy falls into a recession the stock markets go down with it. It may be starting today, or start next week, or not until next year, but make no mistake, it is coming.

Not only are we sure it is coming, we are convinced that the next recession will be much deeper and far more caustic than previous recessions. We say this because the next recession will be truly global. We believe that the coming recession will make the 2007–2009 period seem like a cake walk…..CLICK for complete article

Southern Ontario Construction – A Bellweather for the Country?

When Atlas Engineered Products (AEP:TSX-V)  acquired the Pacer Tandelle facility outside London in 2018 it was based on in-depth due diligence, and the numbers reported by the nearby city of London validate that purchase. 2018 was another record-breaking construction year in London. For the third year in a row, the value of building permits issued by the city exceeded $1-billion.

The numbers mean the city’s economy is healthy, said Peter Kokkoros, London’s deputy chief building official.

“In 2016, when we surpassed $1-billion, I thought it was a one-time phenomenon and things would taper off. In 2017, we went over $1-billion, and I thought that would never happen again. Well guess what, we’re just over $1 billion again for 2018,” Kokkoros said.

Building permits are issued for all kinds of construction in the city, from relatively minor renovation jobs to large-scale industrial, residential and commercial projects.

“Construction is cyclical,” Kokkoros said. “Certainly if we look at the last three to four years, the construction activity in the city is very healthy. We’ve seen an increase in residential construction and institutional, commercial and industrial construction seems to be stable or dropping off a bit.”

As rates rise and vacancies fall, London is challenged to deliver affordable housing. The number of single, detached homes was also down slightly in 2018 from 2017, which was a record-breaking year for that kind of construction. However, the number of building permits for apartment units increased in 2018.

“It terms of apartment building construction, 2019 will be another healthy year,” Kokkoros said.

Could This Emerging Oil State Become The Richest Nation In The World?

A tiny South American country until recently known mostly as the location of one of the worst mass suicides in modern history is about to acquire a whole new reputation, and this reputation has to do with its oil wealth.

Guyana, sandwiched between Venezuela and Suriname, has in just a couple of years turned from an empty spot on the international oil map into one of the new hot spots thanks to a series of discoveries offshore, made by Exxon and Hess Corp….CLICK for complete article

Did You Write Your Bitcoin Obituary In Time?

The market capitalization of crypto is 300% higher now than it was two years ago this date. Among the biggest changes from two years ago is Bitcoin (BTC) dominance over the sector, down from 85% (January 2017) to circling around 50% today. This change is mostly traceable to the rise of specialized tokens filling various market needs, something very few could have predicted 5 years ago….CLICK for complete article

China Will Raise Tariffs On $60B Worth Of US Goods To 25% By June 1

Investors received more bad news Monday morning as an escalation of the trade war between the U.S. and China drove stocks even lower following a horrible performance last week. The latest wave of selling comes on reports that China will be raising tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. goods to 25 percent in retaliation to U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest round of tariff hikes on China….CLICK for complete article