Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

February 5th Episode

The Truckers’ Convoy could have helped bridge some divisions instead it exacerbated them. Top analyst, Bob Hoye warns that the financial system is on precarious grounds…protect yourself accordingly. Mike dips into the world of celebrity form both the shocking stat and astounding quote of the week. Plus Ozzie on one hot real estate market that few are talking about – and an IOC goofy.

January 29th Episode

Mike’s take on why the Truckers’ Convoy was inevitable. And do rising interest rates mean rising real estate prices? Not according to Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin who shares his unique take, and he’s got history in his corner. And for the 1st time a “phrase” wins the goofy award.

January 22nd Episode

The bond markets crumbling, stocks are falling – why? Davis Rea’s chief strategist John Johnston joins Mike to talk about the dramatic shift in the investment environment while Ozzie talks about the impact of higher interest rates on housing. The quote of the week is sure to anger some people, plus the danger when politics meets the media in the Goofy Award.

January 15th Episode

We’re all feeling the pinch as prices soar on everything from groceries, to gas, to bigger ticket items like cars and real estate. Mike taps our favourite conservative investor, Houston-based Lance Roberts, for some thoughts on how investors can turn these circumstances in their favour. Plus Kyle Green with some must-hear advice for anyone looking at an upcoming mortgage commitment, renewal and even those looking to blend and extend. Ozzie on the backlash on Operation Squeezes housing tax recommendation, Victor from the Trading desk and much, much more.

January 8th Episode

Dr Michael Berry drops by to talk rising interest rates. Ozzie talks the latest proposal to tax your principal residence. The $1.5 billion quote of the week and our shocking stat starts with 33,000,000.