Mike's Spotlight

Shocking Stat of the Week

If you’re worried about insider deals, special government favours and tax dollars for the well connected then this week’s shocking stat may be your worst nightmare.

Shocking Stat – 5x the Population of Canada Hangs on Her Every Word

Kylie Jenner is Forbes Youngest Ever Billionaire and she did it with the help of a shocking number of social media followers.

Shocking Stat – The Truly Shocking Depth of Corruption

With violence, the mafia, corrupt officials, politicians  and companies like SNC Lavalin – the corruption in the Quebec construction industry reads like a Martin Scorsese movie.

Shocking Stat of the Week – Are Men or Women Most Likely To Graduate From University?

Given the plethora of gender based programs and support systems directed at women on university campuses, you’d be forgiven for getting the answer wrong.

Shocking Stat of the Week 

So how many illegal immigrants are there in the US – and how many came in last year. Here’s a shock – Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama all declared that illegal immigration into the US was a huge problem that had to be stopped.

Shocking Stat – The 1%

Lot’s of talk about the top 1% of income earners – especially by people who have no clue how few people are in that group and how much money it takes to be in the 1%.