Shocking Stat

Shocking Stat of the Week 

So how many illegal immigrants are there in the US – and how many came in last year. Here’s a shock – Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama all declared that illegal immigration into the US was a huge problem that had to be stopped.

Shocking Stat – The 1%

Lot’s of talk about the top 1% of income earners – especially by people who have no clue how few people are in that group and how much money it takes to be in the 1%.

Socialism’s Shocking Failure in Venezuela

If Socialism unrelenting record of failure in every country it’s been tried hasn’t been enough to dissuade media darlings like Naomi Klein and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez from pushing it in Canada and the US but maybe these numbers from socialist Venezuela will.  But then again – probably not.

See How Much Government Has Cost Home Owners

When home prices drop – every home owner’s net worth takes a beating but this time it’s different. Government did it on purpose and the amount is staggering.

Shocking Stat – Latest Nail in the Coffin of Real Estate

The latest measure in the drop of real estate activity is worse than we thought – and it spells continued weak markets in 2019.

Top 3 Shocking Stats for 2018

So much competition for the most shocking stat of 2018 from pipelines to political murders to the size of the Canadian UN Peace Keeping Force – and there’s so many more.