Shocking Stat

Shocking Stat

Forget the debate about socialism  – the verdict is in as millions of Venezuelans voted with their feet.

Shocking Stat

As if retail wasn’t tough enough with the advent of online shopping,  government delivers the knock out blow with a raft of tax increases and mandatory transfers.

Shocking Stat – Politicians Don’t Want To Talk About It

The world continues to age and the financial and social consequences are profound but nobody in power wants to talk about it.

Shocking Stat – Betcha Can’t Guess The Number One Persecuted Religion in the World

Hint: someone is murdered very 6 minutes but you’d never know it from the coverage.

Everyone’s A Socialist Until the Practical Reality Hits

The majority of US college students favour socialism over capitalism but wait until you hear what they say when it comes to sharing their grades with other students.

Shocking Stat – Bet You Can’t Answer This Question on Emissions

Two things you should know. Which sector produces the most emissions – and who do the incentives to buy electric cars go to? The answers will shock you.