Goofy Award Winner

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and Goofy Award – July 10th

Quote of the Week
Make that “Political Quote of the Year” – an insiders look at the rot in Parliament and government.

Shocking Stat
The power of branding and virtue signaling manifests in trillions of dollars poured into ESG funds. But for what?

Goofy Award
Cheerleading for violence, lack of leadership and too lazy to read even recent history are features of the reaction to the resiential schools unmarked burial sites.

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and Goofy Award – July 3rd

Quote of the Week
Brilliant advice for students – and the rest of us – by 15 Harvard, Yale and Princeton professors summed up in just 3 words.

Shocking Stat
To borrow from JP Morgan – you can ignore the actions of the Communist Party of China – the problem is – they don’t ignore you – and it costs big money.

Goofy Award
Oh, those pesky “access to information” requests. When it comes to getting the vaccines -looks like the government’s been playing fast and lose with the truth.

Shocking Stat – June 26th

The federal cabinet has confirmed what the military and CISIS have told us that Chinese operatives are in Canada doing clandestine activities. But is it once a week? A month? You’ll be shocked.

Shocking Stat – June 19th

The move up in commodity prices was shocking but so is the move down – i.e. lumber’s down 41% in a matter of weeks.

Shocking Stat – May 29th

You want to know why Canada didn’t have a enough gloves, masks etc. when the pandemic hit? Sit down before you hear the answer.