Shocking Stat

Shocking Stat – June 26th

The federal cabinet has confirmed what the military and CISIS have told us that Chinese operatives are in Canada doing clandestine activities. But is it once a week? A month? You’ll be shocked.

Shocking Stat – June 19th

The move up in commodity prices was shocking but so is the move down – i.e. lumber’s down 41% in a matter of weeks.

Shocking Stat – May 29th

You want to know why Canada didn’t have a enough gloves, masks etc. when the pandemic hit? Sit down before you hear the answer.

Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Shocking Stat
You’re not guessing this one. How much money would you have to have to match the purchasing power of $1 in 1971…or the year 2000. No one’s getting this one right.

Goofy Award
The debate is on. Is 2+2=4 a product of racism? Some say it is and it’s coming to a classroom in America. Can Canada be far behind?

Shocking Stat of the Week

One of the most interesting and clear illustrations of the impact of high taxes and costly regulation.