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Shocking Stat – Bet You Can’t Answer This Question on Emissions

Two things you should know. Which sector produces the most emissions – and who do the incentives to buy electric cars go to? The answers will shock you.

Shocking Stat – Tiger Woods

Tiger Wood’s Master win immediately goes on the short list of greatest sports comebacks of all time but wait til you hear these stats on how dominant he’s been.

One Astounding … and One Amazing Stat of the Week

Size matters – see if you can wrap your head around this astounding stat. Plus a shocker that has everyone paying more.

Shocking Stat – Everyone’s a Socialist Until the Practical Reality Hits

The majority of US college students favour socialism over capitalism but wait til you hear what they say when it comes to sharing their grades with other students.

Shocking Stat – What It Takes To Be A Media Star

No one knew Michael Avenatti’s name until Stormy Daniels came along and then CNN and MSNBC couldn’t get enough of his Trump bashing. At least until he was arrested and charged this week with extortion and fraud.

Shocking Stat

Two beauties are featured this week. One shocked the sports world and the other’s about the astounding increase in pipelines in the US compared to Canada.