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The Pandemic Economy: Which Stocks are Weathering the Storm?

When markets get wacky, even the best companies can’t avoid the maelstrom.

Investors were already tiptoeing on broken glass, knowing that the longest U.S. stock market bull run in history was getting long in the tooth.

Then, when the market foresaw the potential damage that could be caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly created a vortex that would suck almost everything into…Click for full article.

Deja Vu? The S&P 500 Is ‘Eerily Tracking’ October 2008

Investors haven’t seen a stock market sell-off like the one they’re seeing this week since 2008. According to DataTrek Research co-founder Nicholas Colas, the 2008 market drop started off almost exactly like things have played out on Wall Street this week.

On Thursday, Colas drew a direct comparison between this week’s extreme market volatility and the volatility that started on Sept. 29, 2008. Colas said that date was the day the financial crisis sell-off transitioned from “worried” to “frantic,” sending the S&P 500 down…Click for full article.

The Collapse of Pot Stocks: Refreshingly, Not COVID-19’s Fault

Hard to feel sorry for victims of these hilariously obvious pump-and-dump schemes, but they sure got their pockets cleaned out.

There are plenty of questions surrounding cannabis – including whether or not it should be legal, and how it should be regulated and taxed. But there is no question surrounding “cannabis stocks”: They’re phenomenal pump-and-dump operations. And now is the dump-phase.

These are companies with barely any sales, generating huge losses. They were hyped endlessly by vocal promoters and by Wall Street which got rich off the IPO fees. The media oohed and aahed over the meteoric rise of their stocks and their market capitalization which skyrocketed into the many…click for full article.

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada gained a higher-than-expected 30,300 net jobs in February while the unemployment rate rose to 5.6%, official data showed on Friday, but analysts said the data was unlikely to trigger a rethink at the Bank of Canada as it tries to shield the economy from the effects of a coronavirus outbreak.

Analysts in a Reuters poll had forecast a gain of 10,000 jobs in February and an unemployment rate of 5.6%. Wages for permanent employees – a metric watched closely by the Bank of Canada – rose by…Click for full article.

Stock markets plunge on new coronavirus angst and U.S. election uncertainty

TORONTO – North American stock markets were on edge again Thursday, plunging amid new concerns about the spreading of novel coronavirus and uncertainty over the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

“There’s clearly still a lot of uneasiness happening in the broader marketplace,” said Mike Archibald, vice-president and portfolio manager with AGF Investments Inc.

California declared a state of emergency after a COVID-19 related death and the number of infections doubled overnight in New York. And then Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race to become Democratic presidential nominee in an expected boost to rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The U.S. 10-year treasury yield dropped to a new low under the one per cent psychological level for investors.

“Until we can get back above one sustainably I think you’re going to see a lot of…click for full article.

Coronavirus Vaccine Stocks Surge

It may be the ultimate silver lining story in a week that has seen record stock market declines. The race to develop a vaccine for C0V-ID19, otherwise known as the new coronavirus, has seen a number of bio-tech firms’ share price hit the roof.

IBio (NYSE:IBIO) announced last week that it would be working on a vaccine in it’s Texas lab in conjunction with Beijing-based CC Pharming. The lab started in 2010 and was partially funded by the US Defense Department. It’s leaders were involved in developing a vaccine for MERS. The stock has soared from $0.31 to $2.49. It has traded an astonishing 400,000,000+ shares in just the last 2 days – it was trading less than 3 million shares a day for most of January.

Oral vaccine specialist Vaxart (NASDAQ:VXRT) in San Francisco has seen it’s share price double, as has nanoparticle vaccine developer Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) in Maryland.

Closer to home Victoria BC based ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (TSX-V:IPA) announced last week that it had launched a coronavirus vaccine and therapeutic anti-body program in both it’s Canadian and European laboratories. The stock has seen a 20% increase so far, and as a smaller entity, may be flying under the radar screen of US and international investors.