Mike’s Big Fat Idea

Big Fat Idea – Industrial Real Estate

The demand trends, especially in urban areas, seem clearly in the favour of owning this type of real estate. The question is how do individual investors participate? Find out!

Big Fat Idea – Reduce Your Risk

Neil McIver of McIver Capital Management shares some of the techniques he uses to reduce volatility in these markets.

Big Fat Idea – Complacency is Dangerous

Andrew Ruhland joins Mike to suggest that the calm days of August are a great time to prepare for possible market downturns – complacency could be dangerous. Tune in for some risk management ideas.

Instant Wisdom & Quote of the Week

Instant Wisdom 0:00

Respected thinker, Jonathon Haidt weighs in on the cost of identity politics and privilege when it comes to education.

Quote of the week 3:41

This is important. Arthur Brooks talks about what’s really driving the divisions in society today.

Time is Running Out

Fact: According to a recent poll within 72 hours, 93% of the people who bid in the Newmont/Goldcorp Special Olympics auction woke up even more good looking and intelligent. Some winning bidders even went from a “3” to a “10”.  Provincial law prevents us from guaranteeing that but we like your chances.

This is just a friendly reminder that there’s just hours left to get instant entry into everyone’s good books. (The auction closes at 7:30 Thursday evening.)

Just CLICK HERE – sign up and start bidding on a variety of great items.

Are You Up For A Challenge?

See if you can outbid me.

Of course, the big reason is to help Special O provide life-changing opportunities and an essential bridge to the community at large for over 5,200 children, teenagers and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Every dollar raised in the auction enables another of our special needs individual to play a sport, maybe take a trip to a provincial championship or get some essential medical attention through Special O’s Healthy Athlete screening program. Your bid or donation will help another four year old join the renowned Active Start program in order to improve their motor skills.

If you’re not the winning bidder you can still go to the site and donate.

The action online auction runs through Thursday evening, June 20th, when the auction closes at approximately 7:30. And then winners will be notified.

Your help is important and appreciated.



Instant Wisdom

It’s just so easy to give the thumbs up to Socialism – at least until you have to pay for it.