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Big Fat Idea – North American Battery Metals

Paul Gill, CEO of Lomiko Metals joins Mike to talk about the need to develop a secure, domestic supply of metals critical to the production of batteries and the devices required for the green economy.

Big Fat Idea – Crypto and Solar Investing

DH Kim of Finhaven Private Markets joined Mike to explain why investors need to pay attention to the Coinbase IPO, why crypto currencies are here to stay and his latest solar green bond offering.

* N.B. Following Saturday’s show we received a significant number of inquiries about Mike’s conversation with DH Kim regarding the solar green bond investment currently being offered by Finhaven Private Markets. DH and the team at Finhaven have kindly agreed to host an exclusive webinar for MoneyTalks listeners to provide more details and explain how folks can participate. We hope you can join them.
• Tuesday, April 20th
• 6:00pm
• CLICK HERE to register

Big Fat Idea – Investing in CyberSecurity

Ian Paterson, CEO of Plurilock Security joins Michael to share some insights into the booming market for cybersecurity products and services – and most importantly, some ideas on how investors can participate.

Big Fat Idea – Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium

Jim Paterson, CEO of Valore Metals joins Mike to update him on the booming PGM market, and how investors can add exposure to their portfolios.

Big Fat Idea – Buy Real Estate Right Now

Kyle Green joins Mike to explain how you should be buying real estate right now – because if you bought a property that had 0 positive cashflow and had 0 appreciation, you would still be making 10% return on your investment by having your tenant pay down your mortgage for you.

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