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Big Fat Idea – NanoOne Technologies

Dan Blondal of nanoOne returns to update Mike on the transnational cooperation that is underpinning new breakthroughs in the battery industry.

On January 20, 1961 John F Kennedy gave his now famous inauguration speech and in the process threw down the gauntlet to every citizen. My how things have changed. JFK, considered a left wing at the time would be considered way right today.

Instant Wisdom – This is a Monster Change in Our Values

Is telling the truth just an old fashion value? You’d certainly think so watching our political discourse or looking at Facebook or twitter. In this week’s Jordan Peterson talks about the cost of thinking the means justifies the ends when we lie.

Time to Buy Bonds

Neil McIver of McIver Capital Management shares with Mike how you can de-risk your portfolio buying out of favour positions that move opposite to growth stocks – namely top quality bonds!


Trusses and Websites!

Colin Bowkett returns to update us on his last Idea – Atlas Engineered Products. Plus offer a new one – GoDaddy’s biggest competitor in the website url space NameSilo.


2019 World Outlook Financial Conference – ON SALE NOW!

Mike unveils the kick-off theme for this year’s Conference plus the Early Bird ticket offer. Feb 1st & 2nd, 2019 in Vancouver at the Westin Bayshore.