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Mike has arranged with Mark Leibovit’s team to offer our listeners an incredible 50% off the monthly subscription price of his award winning VR Metals newsletter PLUS 50% off Mark’s famous Annual Forecast Report. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity today.

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Big Fat Idea – Metals & Mining Markets

Mark Brown, president of private equity firm Pacific Opportunities Capital, and Chairman of Alianza Minerals and Avrupa Minerals, joins Mike to talk about spiraling metals prices, production and reserve challenges, and identifying good potential companies in the sector

One of the most popular workshops at this year’s World Outlook Financial Conference was Justin Smith’s recommendations for how to add private real estate investments to your portfolio in 2022. With Justin’s appearance on today’s show we’ve pulled that presentation out from behind the paywall and made it available for all our audience for free.
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Justified or Overkill – On the Emergencies Act

Michael is joined by the Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, executive director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to discuss the sweeping scope of this Act that bypasses most democratic norms.

Big Fat Idea – Mortgage Check Time

Kyle Green of the Green Mortgage Team joins Mike to share the latest numbers on variable and fixed options, whether you should try and renew early, blend and extend or something completely different. And a sooner rather than later heads up for folks purchasing rental properties.