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Big Fat Idea – Developing New Gold Discoveries

Jack Lundin, CEO of Bluestone Resources joined Mike live from Geneva with some insights into the hot finance market for gold projects, why he likes non-traditional mine jurisdictions like Guatemala and why he thinks the gold and silver markets still have room to run.

Q1 Crash Was A Dress Rehearsal

In this week’s Big Fat Idea segment Andrew Ruhland, president of Integrated Wealth Management in Calgary, joined Mike to share how he is helping his clients to prepare for a possible big downside market move in the coming months. Preparing for lower real estate valuations, rising inflation, government debt and taxation and much more.

Big Fat Idea – Protect Yourself from Market Volatility

Jamie Switzer of Canaccord Genuity joins Michael to share some of the specific tools he is using to help his wealth management clients who don’t want to ride the roller coaster of these wild markets.

Everything You Need To Know About Silver in the CoronaCrisis

Endeavour Silver CEO Brad Cooke joins Michael for an special extended discussion on the silver market, current and future production, and how big a part of your portfolio it might be going forward.

Is There A Sector Shift To Gold?

Great Bear CEO Chris Taylor joined Michael to discuss how the mining and exploration industry is functioning, where he sees precious metals investors going and what kind of M & A activity we might see.

Big Fat Idea – Real Estate Investments Impacted by COVID-19

Justin Smith of Hawkeye Wealth Management joins Mike to discuss potential impacts on commercial, industrial and multi-family real estate – both in the near and long term.