Mike’s Big Fat Idea

In light of the SNC Lavalin scandal – Jordan Peterson reminds us of the cost of not telling the truth.  And by the way, lying and arrogance go hand in hand.

Big Fat Idea – Alberta at the Crossroads

Andrew Ruhland joins Mike to discuss his “Alberta Crossroads 2019” event – developed as an antidote to the chaos unfolding in Alberta, to protect families from being hurt further by the perfect storm of bad policy, attacks from Enviro-radicals with no push-back from industry, and a blasé federal government that appears intent on killing the oil and gas industry.

Big Fat Idea – Tanks Not Ferraris

Justin Smith of Hawkeye Wealth joins Michael with an idea for real estate investments that perform better in a turbulent market. Justin will expand on these ideas on a live webinar Wednesday, Feb 27th at 7pm Pacific time. Only available for the first 500 registrants – CLICK HERE to reserve your space

Instant Wisdom – Ben Shapiro takes on Student Socialist

Socialism may be making a resurgence in the US and UK (it never went away in Canada) but that doesn’t mean it makes any more sense in 2019 than it did in the 1960s or 1860s for that matter.

Big Fat Idea – NanoOne Technologies

Dan Blondal of nanoOne returns to update Mike on the transnational cooperation that is underpinning new breakthroughs in the battery industry.

On January 20, 1961 John F Kennedy gave his now famous inauguration speech and in the process threw down the gauntlet to every citizen. My how things have changed. JFK, considered a left wing at the time would be considered way right today.