Mike’s Big Fat Idea

Big Fat Idea – Why I Hate Government Bonds

Andrew Ruhland joins Michael to discuss why he doesn’t recommend govt bonds to his clients and some other ways he tries to protect portfolios from potential market chaos.


Mike’s Big Fat Idea – AEP and NameSilo

Colin Bowkett of Venturewerx.com returns with a humble brag about one of his last picks (Atlas Engineered Products TSX:V – AEP) – and some brilliant numbers for a brand new big fat idea.

Big Fat Idea – Industrial Real Estate

The demand trends, especially in urban areas, seem clearly in the favour of owning this type of real estate. The question is how do individual investors participate? Find out!

Big Fat Idea – Reduce Your Risk

Neil McIver of McIver Capital Management shares some of the techniques he uses to reduce volatility in these markets.

Big Fat Idea – Complacency is Dangerous

Andrew Ruhland joins Mike to suggest that the calm days of August are a great time to prepare for possible market downturns – complacency could be dangerous. Tune in for some risk management ideas.

Instant Wisdom & Quote of the Week

Instant Wisdom 0:00

Respected thinker, Jonathon Haidt weighs in on the cost of identity politics and privilege when it comes to education.

Quote of the week 3:41

This is important. Arthur Brooks talks about what’s really driving the divisions in society today.