Special Live Webinar – 2022 The Great Re-Awakening

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Integrated Wealth Management

Join Michael’s guest Andrew Ruhland on Saturday, January 8th @ noon MST, after the MoneyTalks Podcast as he expands on his show appearance in a free webinar, “Market Outlook & Updating Your Portfolio Playbook for 2022”. Andrew and his team will cover a lot ground including:
• A market outlook for 2022 and key areas to pay attention to
• Positioning your equity strategies to benefit from inflation
• Seeking gains carefully with outsized opportunities such as in commodities
• Generating sufficient yield when bond and GIC returns aren’t keeping pace with inflation (i.e., negative real rates of return)
• Active management strategies to reduce risk in volatile markets
CLICK HERE to register. Access is limited to the first 500 who sign-up.