Mike's Daily Comment

The One Basic Fact of Canada’s Healthcare System

Numerous polls cite the sustainability of the healthcare system as the number one concern. Politicians know that and play on our fears – and they’re prepared to grossly mislead us for political gain.

Are They Really That Clueless?

Europe should be a cautionary tale about constant increases in taxes, spending and debt but it’s not as our leaders seem determined to lead us down the same road – pretending there will be different results.

Some Can’t Figure Out Alberta’s Feeling of Resentment

Funny how it works – two federal parties want to shut down the province’s most important industry while a third agrees (but it will take longer) – and to heck with the workers who pay the highest per capita taxes in Canada. And what a surprise – some people are mad.

Canada’s Climate Crusade Needs Context and Careful Costing

No election issue received more coverage with less depth than climate change. Two plus decades of grandstanding, virtue signalling and big talk with nothing to show for it – you’d think they wouldn’t get away with it any more.

Everybody’s Guessing Why The Vote Went That Way

Analysis informed by wishful thinking, personal biases and guess work are the norm in the aftermath of elections. After all, there are millions of voters with an array of motivations and priorities. And did we mention the CBC.

The Election’s Over – Reality Sets In

Lots of magical talk about problems like affordable housing during the federal election but the truth is that it’s the municipal and provincial governments that have added tens of thousands to cost of new units.