Mike's Daily Comment

Oil Price Analysis

If the wholesale price of oil is the same, what is the cause of such high prices in the lower mainland?

A Really Bad Idea That Just Keeps Coming Back

16 and 17 year olds aren’t tried in adult court because it’s assumed they’re not yet capable of making adult decisions. They can’t buy marijuana because the research shows their brains aren’t fully developed – but we have plenty on the progressive left who want to give them the vote.

Are We Really Surprised

Every time the stats come out on income inequality we act like we’re surprised that some jobs and professions are more highly paid than others. If you want to make money – it’s no big mystery what jobs you should pursue.

Why Do Politicians Chose Bad Policy

It all depends on your definition of good policy.  Too often that means a policy that furthers their partisan goals at the expense of the rest of us.

Cut the Tax Horse Manure Nonsense

As taxes increase we hear the familiar refrain that “taxes are the price we pay for civilization” but the reality is that taxes are also wasted, used for partisan purposes and mismanaged.  We could be just as civilized for half the tax.

It’s Official Canada Gets a “D”

Really…how couldn’t we see this coming. Anti-business sentiment, higher taxes and regulatory costs along with efforts to derail two of the countries most important industries – real estate and oil – but somehow we’re surprised at the latest downgrade for economic growth.