Mike's Daily Comment

Here Come The Promises

“Vote for me and we can all have a job…make that 2.” “No vote for me and you’ll have 3.” Sorry, but I don’t think I can take another round of campaign BS on jobs.

Government’s the Ultimate Growth Industry

More people, more money and less accountability than ever. And now some higher ups even refuse to say how much they’re being paid. PS It’s your money.

The Olympic Athletes Old Fashioned Pursuit of Excellence

But not so much with major government services. Is “excellence” ever mentioned as a Canadian Value? I didn’t think so.

Get The Hip Waders Out

The election’s coming and the BS is about to flow. Big promises with no price tag…and no follow through. No serious talk about economic growth or government waste and the usual BS about jobs.

(Michael Levy) Being Gouged at the Pumps

The BC provincial government frequently points fingers at the big gas companies for price gouging but with over a third of the price of gas going to taxes who’s gouging who?

(Photo: Global News)

The economic party was always going to be a blast given how much money governments borrowed and spent, along with record low interest rates – the question is how long does it last and what comes next?