Mike's Daily Comment

It’s Absolutely Shocking

Huawei is still being considered to build Canada’s 5 G network despite warnings from CISIS about China’s threat to Canada – despite the fact that by Chinese law it is forced to cooperate with China’s intelligence apparatus and so much more.

You’re About To Pay More for the Canada Pension Plan

$150 more than last year – $300 more than in 2018 but the people hit the hardest are the self employed who could do so much better in their own plan…if they were allowed.

Guess Who Pays the Most

In carbon taxes, Canada Pension Plan, interest on the federal debt and pubic sector pension liabilities? Hint: They’re young, short and ill informed.

Michael Levy: A Quick Move on Oil

How will the US strikes on Baghdad affect the price of oil?

Michael Levy: Playing Politics with Ride Hailing and Peoples Lives

What happened to the promise of having ride hailing implemented in BC by the end of 2019? With a political debt to the taxi lobby there’s no reason to rush.

Is It Okay To Admit Some Good Things Happened in the Last Decade?

There’s more to the story in the last decade than pending climate catastrophe, increasing political divisions, white privilege, and pipelines.