Mike's Daily Comment

Censored by Facebook

I’m not allowed to post on MoneyTalks – no reason given. Increasing attacks on free speech are the norm and come at a huge cost to innovation and progress. PS You could be next.

Cuba: Canada’s Dirty Little Secret

Where does Cuba’s communist government get the majority of its foreign currency? Tourism, their #1 industry. And guess which country sends the most tourists.

Will Our China Policy Be An Election Issue?

Probably not but it should be. Policy of accommodation has not worked. We’ve ignored warnings from CISIS and the Canadian Military – Chinese aggression keeps growing – what’s our response?

Is It Really A Surprise How Some People Feel

There’s not many examples, if any, of US politicians not parlaying their careers into big money – some while still in office.

Happy Birthday to An Economic Giant

Milton Friedman’s been called the greatest economist of the last 100 years. If you want to know why – go to YouTube and watch him on Donahue or a university campus.