Mike's Daily Comment

The Tax Take Never Ends

After paying income tax, sales tax, gas taxes and a host of other taxes with what’s left over some people chose to buy a home. Be warned – big government advocates want a chunk of that too.

Look Who’s Asking For Taxpayer’s Money

There is no such thing as “government money” only taxpayers’ money.  And the line is long to get a piece.  Everyone seems to think – they get a chunk of dough, why not me?

Conventional Wisdom Says Higher Voter Turn-out is a Good Idea

But does getting people who are disengaged with little interest in the issues to vote really enhance democracy and strengthen our political decision making.

Michael Levy: Commerce Trumps Human Rights

While China has imposed economic trade sanctions and has incarcerated 2 Canadian citizens the crown corporation Destination Canada, along with other sponsors are in Beijing today hosting a gala dinner promoting tourism Canada, seemingly turning a blind eye to the despicable human rights violations of the Chinese.

Do You Really Think That Trans Mountain Opponents are Worried About the Business Case?

Because that’s what they’re saying.  As if even the most wonderful business projections or even signed contracts for Alberta oil could get them to support the project.

Pipeline Opponents Say China Doesn’t Want Alberta Crude

If Trans Mountain pipeline opponents are correct in their claim that no one in Asia wants Alberta crude then what are they worried about.  If there are no buyers then the crude won’t be shipped.