Mike's Daily Comment

Record Government Spending with the Least Amount of Oversight

Do you think it’s in your best interest to have more scrutiny of how the government spends your tax dollars or less? Because we got less. On MoneyTalks tomorrow we feature the person who can change that.

It’s Too Hard For Some To Swallow

Joe Biden’s $2.5 trillion plan amounts to a major increase in demand for a number of resources – copper, lithium, aluminum, magnesium etc. And that’s a fact that “Green” proponents hate to hear.

How Out of Touch Can They Be

Rising caseloads, increased restrictions and more lockdowns – record deficits – but that didn’t stop our MPs.

The Disrespect for Work Ethic Grows

Business owners who survived the pandemic have another scourge to contend with – politicians who want a wealth tax to take a chunk of what’s left over.

With an Election Coming the Tax Rhetoric is Heating Up

Why are politicians talking more about new wealth taxes, maybe even on your home, than income tax increases on the rich?

The Supreme Court Ruled That the Feds Could Implement a Carbon Tax

But it said nothing about where the money should go. And it’s going to be big money, which every cent should be returned to taxpayers according to 27 Nobel Prize winners and 3300 economists.