Mike's Daily Comment

Government’s are trying to solve what is primarily a supply problem by going after demand.  It’s obviously slowed market activity but that in turn discourages future building. Meanwhile the population continues to grow along with demand.

Unbalancing The Trudeau Cabinet

With Trudeau’s decision to boot Jody Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott out of the Liberal caucus, does this mean Trudeau’s “Gender Balanced Party” is off?

Be Careful…Be Very Careful What You Wish For

Grandstanding politicians wanted to cool the real estate markets – starting with Vancouver. Well they got their wish. Activity hasn’t been this slow since 1986 – and the results are lower government revenue, reduced personal wealth, fewer jobs while  tens of thousands of first time buyers are locked out of the market.   

Gender Pay Gap Claims Beg Major Questions

Leaving aside that it is against the law in the US and a violation of Human Rights in Canada – declaration of a double digit pay gap between men and women begs the question why would profit hungry firms ever hire a man?

And you’re paying for it. This is how much you’d have to contribute to your RRSP or personal pension plan to match the retirement nest egg of the average federal public sector employee. (Go ahead pass it on.)

One Thing I Bet You Don’t Know About Renewable Energy

While the price of solar panels and wind turbines went way down – jurisdictions with the highest percentage of electrical generation by renewables saw the cost of electricity go way up. The question is why?