Mike's Daily Comment

The Massive Drop in Capital Investment in the Oil Industry

Costs thousands of jobs and billions in government revenue. No Western country works harder to discourage its principal resource than Canada. It’s not even close.

Children As Political Props

The debate’s straightforward – some adults think their political agendas are more important than a child’s well being – we disagree. (Actually our language is a lot stronger than that.)

School’s In – and Here’s a Question

Given so many major issues from poverty, to the cost of living, to affordable housing and sustainable healthcare are economic and financial – who does it benefit that we don’t teach even the basics of economics and finance in school? Because it’s certainly not the students.

Let’s Focus on Workers This Labour Day

Why do labour leaders think the same policy prescriptions they’ve been pushing for decades are adequate for today’s challenges?

Michael Levy: Political and Business Bed Fellows

If the NDP were to go to the polls today they’d probably win with a landslide victory due to both having their cake and it eating too.

World Oxygen Impact of Amazon Fires is Zero

With apologies to scientific heavyweights like Madonna and Leonardo Dicaprio – but the claim that the Amazon produces 20% of the world’s oxygen is in the words of senior environmental scientist, Dr Daniel Nepstad, “Bull Shit.”