Mike's Daily Comment

Should the Ultra Wealthy Start Looking for a New Place to Live?

With the election being called this Sunday Jagmeet Singh has already announced his platform and it’s largely aimed at taxing the rich.

Levy: The Real Cost of COVID-19

Do anti vaxxers truly understand how their right to choose effects the recovery of the economy in the long term?

Levy: Let’s Talk Wealth Tax

With a federal election looming the topic of a one time wealth tax is once again being tossed around but will it make a dent in the nearly 1 trillion dollars of debt that the government has accumulated?

Levy: Why So Long for Clean Drinking Water for First Nations

In 2015 Trudeau promised to lift all First Nations drinking water advisories by March 2021, that didn’t happen but a $8 billion settlement did.  Why did it take so long and cost so much for this basic right?

The Ultimate Economic Flash Quiz

A 10 second quiz that reveals just about all you need to know to understand economic policy. So play along and you’ll instantly be more sophisticated than our political leaders.