Mike's Daily Comment

You Won’t Believe These Quotes

You’d think they were made this week given how relevant they are – but shocking given many are over 100 years old – written by one of modern history’s greatest social commentators – HL Mencken.

308 Patients Died in The Fraser Health Region Waiting for Treatment

The BC NDP government has won its case to prevent you from seeking private alternatives even when waiting too long for treatment could kill you.

Bank of Canada is Worried

So worried that they are spending $5 billion per week buying government bonds to keep rates down. After $250 billion in fed spending and record low rates we’re only back to 70% of pre pandemic levels of growth.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer Issues a Reality Check

According to Yves Giroux it’s time to get the deficit under control – and within two years. Which coincides with the Armstrong model for the coming sovereign debt and monetary crisis. But is anyone listening.

Pandemic Debt Doesn’t Have To Push Taxes Higher

Politicians may use it as an excuse but a closer look at the numbers reveals that it’s really their choice.

Happy Labour Day

Today let’s focus on the best interest of workers and not necessarily the agenda of the elites.

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