Mike's Daily Comment

An Incredible Change In Canadian Values

It used to be most Canadians were concerned when people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Workers in the oil sector who have lost their jobs don’t rate a mention by anti-oil politicians and activists. The real estate sector tanks taking thousands of jobs with it and few seem to care.

In the Debate Between Socialism and Capitalism – People Vote With Their Feet

In Berlin they had to put up a wall to keep people in while over 77,000 have died trying to flee Cuba – 4 million have fled Socialist Venezuela. Meanwhile this year over a million migrants will face hardship and danger trying to get into capitalist US.

Just Like Cockroaches – It’s Never Just One Tax

It’s a straightforward lesson that the political class refuses to acknowledge – a tax increase always has an impact. And it’s never just one increase – there’s a lot of them from BC’s new health tax, to carbon taxes, to property taxes to higher Canada Pension Plan Premiums.

Is Canadian Sovereignty Worth Defending?

With the federal election less than 120 days away the issue of US money interfering in Canadian elections should be front and centre – not because of allegations – but because of boasts by groups financed with US money.

Public Educations Best Plan for Making Income Inequality Worse

Our graduating high school students can tell us all about what they’ve been told to think about the social justice agenda but with few exceptions, they don’t have a clue about even the basics of the work world that awaits them.

The Chinese Know Exactly What Our Price Is

So how much would they have to pay you to play nice with China’s totalitarian government and ignore the human rights abuses along with the fact that two innocent Canadians are rotting in a Chinese jail in pursuit of their global agenda.