Mike's Daily Comment

Here’s a Scary Thought

Canada continues to get a C- when it comes to economic growth despite the fact that we’ve all taken a 30% plus pay cut compared to US workers thanks to a weak loonie – along with other factors including record low interest rates – the question is why and at what cost.

The Final Score – Extinction Rebellion 1 – UBC 0

It wasn’t a fair fight – 8 student protestors, members of Extinction Rebellion vs UBC Board of Governors and the Administration. But a hollow victory if reducing emissions is the goal.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss…It’s Very Dangerous

Yet another poll detailing the rising popularity of socialism and communism among people 18-39. The question is how did they become adults without even a basic understanding of history …or current events in countries like Venezuela.


City Taxes For the Masses

Michael Levy comments on the city of Vancouver’s plans to drastically increase property tax and why the city council could learn a thing or two from Calgary.

It’s Absolutely Shocking

Huawei is still being considered to build Canada’s 5 G network despite warnings from CISIS about China’s threat to Canada – despite the fact that by Chinese law it is forced to cooperate with China’s intelligence apparatus and so much more.

You’re About To Pay More for the Canada Pension Plan

$150 more than last year – $300 more than in 2018 but the people hit the hardest are the self employed who could do so much better in their own plan…if they were allowed.