Mike's Daily Comment

As Deficits Increase – Our Choices to Avoid the Consequences Shrink

What do you think would happen if the Bank of Canada stopped financing the government’s borrowing by buying bonds?

Michael Levy: Definitely Not a Business Model to Follow

The federal government announced yesterday that the yet to be approved Novavax vaccine will be manufactured in Canada. By promised a vaccine would be available to all Canadians by September do they mean this year or next?

Michael Levy: Unintended Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the secondary reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic is how a group of bored and at home day traders took on Wall St Hedge Fund managers resulting in a frenzied market that produced spectacular gains. But are they prepared to see the other side which will most certainly result in huge losses?

Government Debt Build-up is Going to Change the World Order…

And just about everything else. Nothing will have a bigger impact financially, economically and geopolitically…it’s going to be a wild rise.

Canada’s Recipe for Economic Recovery

Canada ranks 23rd when it comes to the ease of doing business – 64th when it comes to getting a construction permit. Let’s send a thank you note to our political leaders.

Did You See the Action in GameStop and Blackberry Coming?

Major hedge funds lost billions, which should remind us all, including politicians who tell us the debt build up is not a problem, how much of the potential fall-out is unpredictable.