Mike's Daily Comment

Declining in Confidence in Government Didn’t Start with Trump

Like or not – he’s the product of it and it’s now manifested in millions of Americans refusing to get vaccinated. 

Are Our Children Going to Be Better off Financially Than Their Parents?

You may be surprised by the results of a major Pew Research poll but not surprised by what we’re doing about it.

The Biggest Winner if Inflation Comes Roaring Back

Not most of us because our pay cheques don’t keep up with inflation. The big winners are borrowers and who’s the biggest borrower of them all?

Send People a Cheque Under Universal Basic Income and Guess What?

Surprise or maybe not – new stats make clear that pay people not to work and some won’t but that’s not the only problem with UBI.

Any Surprise That Canada’s Innovation Ranking Dropped?

Especially given that innovation is the offspring of competition – and dare we say it…capitalism. And there are no shortage of anti-capitalists. But at what cost?

Entire Show – July 17th

Mike asks a straightforward but pivotal question in advance of the federal election campaign. The trillion dollar man weighs in on the inflation debate. Big Picture Trading’s Patrick Ceresna on the one thing all investors should do Now. A shocking stat on innovation – or lack of it plus a goofy you shouldn’t miss.