Mike's Daily Comment

Tariffs Are Just Another Tax You Have To Pay

Yipee, we just saved nearly $17 billion in taxes when the Trudeau government removed the retaliatory tariffs on the US.  Donald Trump’s protectionism has done more to educate Canadians about the benefits of free trade than the entire public education system.

The Government Says Some People Need Not Apply

60% of Canada Research Chairs are occupied by women, yet the government says they need a special program when awarding research grants that in effect says no straight white males need apply.

Quote of the Week

The Guardian’s new rules regarding reporting on climate change are an alarmist’s dream. No more writing about climate change – only climate “emergency” or “climate crisis.” A classic case of editorial bias disguised as reporting.

Shocking Stat – Betcha Can’t Guess The Number One Persecuted Religion in the World

Hint: someone is murdered very 6 minutes but you’d never know it from the coverage.

Big Fat Idea – Spring Portfolio Re-balancing

Neil McIver of mcivercapital.com shares the techniques he uses to ensure his clients’ portfolios are positioned for the rest of the year – including some surprising shifts in stock positions.

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Goofy Award – The Mark Norman Case Has Government’s Fingerprints All Over It

Imagine being forced from your job – waiting two years before charges were laid – against a multi million government prosecution while the government does all it can to hide and delay documents.