Mike's Daily Comment

Canada Doesn’t Have A Rainy Day Fund

But what it does have is the ability to borrow more.  And it’s going to use it – approximately $200 billion more federally and provincially in the next year.

Is There A Sector Shift To Gold?

Great Bear CEO Chris Taylor joined Michael to discuss how the mining and exploration industry is functioning, where he sees precious metals investors going and what kind of M & A activity we might see.

Time For a Lot More Questions

As the pandemic continues new research and new data begs for a far broader discussion and more questions directed at decision makers.

Goofy Award, Shocking Stat & Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week
Famed physicist, Stephen Hawking knows about facing obstacles and refusing to be defeated.  A good message for these trying times.

Shocking Stat
It’s been 24/7 coverage of COVID19 but how does that compare with other pandemics in the past. The answer will shock you.

Is the COVID19 health and economic crisis the time to look for political advantage?

What Should You Do?

As the Central Banks step up with hundreds of billions of dollars to keep interest rates down and the credit markets functioning – what should you do.

Complete Show – Mar 28th

Mike give one key piece of financial advice while Davis Rea’s chief strategist, John Johnston on the double dip coming in stocks. Ozzie talks the change for renters and don’t miss the Goofy. Should governments try to gain advantage during the crisis.