Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Oct 12th

Is taxing your primary residence in government crosshairs? In a nutshell – yes.  Timers Digest’s top rated stock and gold analyst, Mark Leibovit drops by to talk markets.  And you don’t want miss the biggest laugh of the election campaign in the goofy.


Hands Up If You Liked The English Language Leaders’ Debate Format

If you did then you probably need a hug because you’re all alone. And it’s no comfort to the rest of us that it was all government planned and executed. Let’s hear it for the bureaucrats.

Two Major Questionable Assumptions in the Parties’ Platforms

Are you really buying that you can dramatically raise taxes on business and not impact economic growth? Because if you are – next time you’re talking to the Easter Bunny tell him the tooth fairy called.

What Has Higher Taxes and More Regulation Ever Solved

Not much, unless your goal is a bigger and more expensive bureaucracy. Only a crazy person travels down the same road and expects to arrive at a different destination, which begs the question – are we nuts?

What’s The Big Deal With Extinction Rebellion Protests

There is no shortage of climate alarmists demanding a zero emissions world but we’re still looking for one them with a practical, realistic action plan. Hint; no planes, no freighters, no air ambulances and no home heating oil in 5 years doesn’t qualify.

Focus On Leaders Debate Way Overdone

Gee, I wonder who’s going to win? Certainly not anyone interested in the issues. Instead it’s a litany of pre-rehearsed answers with no follow-up revealing the simplicity of their policy statements.