Mike's Daily Comment

Jumping to Conclusions After Dirty Money Report

There are no shortage of opinions on money laundering but the search party’s out for anyone who read the report including the part that says no  Canadian data was used to arrive at the conclusions. As the authors themselves said – proceed with caution in reaching any conclusions. Unfortunately that hasn’t stopped anyone.

BC Premier Demands Independent Inquiry Into His Own Policy Goals

Okay, that’s a weird one. It’s the stated goal of the BC NDP/Green government to push gas prices high enough to discourage driving. With Greater Vancouver having the highest gas taxes in North America, they’ve got their wish but now the government wants an independent inquiry into high gas prices.

$100 Billion in Economic Activity Lost

Opponents of Kinder Morgan or the Coastal Gaslink and the Kinder Morgan expansion don’t care if the economy loses $100 billion or a $10 trillion or how much government revenues suffer in derailing the oil and gas industry – but the rest of us should.

E-Vehicle Demand

Volkswagen, General Motors, and other major auto manufacturers are hoping to produce millions of new electric vehicles.

Everyone’s A Socialist Until the Practical Reality Hits

The majority of US college students favour socialism over capitalism but wait until you hear what they say when it comes to sharing their grades with other students.

Let’s cut the BS. We can’t have it both ways.  If climate change is a problem then record high gas prices can’t be.  If big new government programs and higher salaries and benefits are the goal then high gas prices can’t be a problem.