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No Excuse This Time

When we locked down the economy in March we didn’t acknowledge the consequences – domestic abuse, suicide, bankruptcies and millions unemployed. With all the talk of a second lockdown there’s no excuses to ignore them this time.

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Quote of the Week
UNICEF and the Center for Disease Control weigh in on the reopening of schools.

Shocking Stat of the week
There’s lots of ways to measure the impact of high taxes and regulations. This is one of the most interesting – and it’s shocking.

Mike needs help with a pivotal question about politics. Plus when it comes to voting Canadians prove they’re full of it

The Courage to Look at the Numbers

Different countries adopted different strategies to fight COVID-19. So far we haven’t had the courage or integrity to evaluate which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

Complete Show – September 19th

Mike asks a question regarding the COVID lockdown that will make some people very uncomfortable. Plus BT Global fund is up 30% this year, strategist Paul Beattie shares where they’re putting their money now. And don’t miss the most interesting Shocking Stat of the year.

We Charity Fallout is Far Deeper Than Most Realize

It isn’t just a political scandal featuring a breathtaking lack of due diligence and questionable accounting. It also hurt the entire charity sector and the people it helps.

“In one day, New York City test three times as many people as Canada has tested in six months. ”

~Tim Sly, MacLean’s – Back to school – and still not serious about Covid testing