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Quote of the Week & Goofy Award

Quote of the Week
Let’s all pretend there are no consequences to the moves governments make. Hint: better no look at energy prices.

Their act never gets old as 25,000 get set to descend on Glasgow for the latest climate fest but few people see what’s coming next.

Mike’s Comment – Oct 16th

You’ve got to hand it to the Build Back Better crowd – the fact that they missed every major financial trend of the last 10 years hasn’t discouraged them from wanting to “reimagine capitalism.”

Oct 16th Episode of MoneyTalks

What “rights” specifically does the Charter guarantee? Plus the Build Back Better crowd wants to “reimagine capitalism” despite failing to anticipate every major financial and economic trend in the last decade. Ace stock trader and teacher, Tyler Bollhorn what every one of us can do to cash in on the market action. Plus lots of real estate with Ozzie and Hawkeye Wealth’s Justin Smith.

Coming Up On This Week’s Show

The pandemic has brought the question of “rights” to the fore, along with issues of free speech or access to timely health care. Legal expert Rob Grant joins Michael to clarify what rights Canadian actually enjoy. Plus stock trading ideas from master educator Tyler Bollhorn, insights into real estate investment opportunities with Justin Smith and much, much more. All right here starting at 8:30am pacific time on Saturday Oct 16th.

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Quote of the Week
Two top experts weigh in on why dissenting opinions on Covid must be entertained not censored. Note: Canadian officials and most media disagree.

Shocking Stat
Rising inflation expectations could threaten the entire financial system. That’s why central banks tell you it’s “transitory.”

Goofy Award
After years of virtue signaling about the end of fossil fuels governments from the UK to China are begging for more.