Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Money Talks with Guest Host Michael Levy – May 11 Complete Show

Michael Levy fills in this week to talk money laundering and the casinos that are turning a blind eye. Ross Clark and Ozzie Jurock join the show.

Federal Reserve Interest Rates

Misguided economic policies, and playing a game of “chicken” with regard to trade negotiations between the US and China.

Banks Are Doubling Down On Risky Credit Card Debt

As each of the seven largest credit-card issuers in the US reported a troubling jump in default rates to levels not seen in the better part of a decade, we noted last week that relaxed lending standards combined with ‘Non-GAAP’ FICO scores suggest that the American consumer is in far worse shape than many had realized – which could seriously threaten stability during the next recession (if the Fed ever allows one to happen)….CLICK for complete article

Oil Price Analysis

If the wholesale price of oil is the same, what is the cause of such high prices in the lower mainland?

Complete Show – May 4th

Apocalypse Later – ““Some day this war on investors is gonna end….”

Danielle DiMartino Booth is the publisher of the acclaimed weekly Money Strong Investing Newsletter, CEO of Quill Intelligence and best-selling author of Fed Up: An Behind the Scenes Firsthand Look at the Federal Reserve. A veteran of Wall St and the Central Banks she is recognized as one of the top voices on economics and finance.Listen to this first-ever interview on MoneyTalks with guests host Victor Adair and Drew Zimmerman. Plus much more!

A Really Bad Idea That Just Keeps Coming Back

16 and 17 year olds aren’t tried in adult court because it’s assumed they’re not yet capable of making adult decisions. They can’t buy marijuana because the research shows their brains aren’t fully developed – but we have plenty on the progressive left who want to give them the vote.