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Natural gas up 40% in a few hours. What scares me is that I see no indication that policymakers get the message. Do you?

We’re On! Entire Show – Oct 9th

Nat gas rose 40% in one night – yeah…one night but that’s not the story. Josef Schachter on why long term energy prices from coal to oil look higher. And what to make of Facebook’s wicked week with Blake Corbett – plus a pandemic quote of the week and a goofy that will have the climate crowd seeing red.

Big Fat Idea – Copper!

Claudia Tournquist of Kodiak Copper joins Mike to share the worldwide supply and demand challenges for copper, the long term bull market it has created, and how investors can take advantage.

Quote of the Week & Goofy Award

Quote of the Week 
The popular and controversial Gad Saad on the seeds of society’s destruction. 

Relax – with the release of the two Michaels the government says “it’s eyes are wide open” when it comes to the Communist government in China…again.

Shocking Stat – Oct 2

Energy prices are screaming higher – and there’s a reason why the upward pressure won’t stop.