Mike's Spotlight

CKNW Kids’ Fund Pledge Day

Michael will be broadcasting live today from 2pm to 4pm pacific time as part of the 42nd annual CKNW Kid’s Fund Pledge Day. With your help, the Fund enhances the lives of children living with physical, mental, social, and behavioural challenges. Donate to make life a little easier for children with special needs.

Listen Live and call in to donate at 604.222.9898

Or donate online at Kid’s Fund Pledge Day

The Best Part of Canada

Have you noticed, especially in the aftermath of the election, that the confrontational approach doesn’t bring the best out in Canadians. Pledge Day and Santa Anonymous does. It’s a time when Canadians do more than just “talk” about caring for others.

Political Interference in Infrastructure

For all the political promises on infrastructure spending – not much happened when it comes to bridges or roads but we do have a taxpayer funded improved 4th hole at the Yarmouth golf course and a skating oval in Quebec City.

You Gotta Love Those “Buzz Words”

Most Canadians think bridges, roads, sewers etc. when it comes to infrastructure spending but that misses all the political good parts of the story…well, not for taxpayers.

Shocking Stat & Goofy – Nov 30

Shocking Stat

Most of us know that the Canadian government keeps getting bigger but our bet is that you’ll still be shocked by this stat as to how big.


It’s more a warning than a goofy before it’s too late. This week featured lots more evidence of the intentions of the Chinese totalitarian government – and Canada’s a prime target.

Mike’s Editorial – Governments Can’t Help Themselves

The EcoFiscal Commission is the latest to recommend a carbon tax BUT with a big caveat – in order to offset the impact – the money must be returned to the individuals and businesses who paid it. In other words, revenue neutral – sadly governments disagree.