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Who Are You Betting On?

The Chinese government’s goals are clear – be the dominant economic and military power in the world. And who’s going to stop them? Europe? Canada? It’s clear that the US is the only hope.

Canada and the Rest of the West Have No Idea Who They’re Dealing With

In the US/China dispute there will be no winners – the investment markets are trying to figure out how big the fall-out will be.  In the meantime, most of us haven’t figured out that China is playing to win the global war for economic dominance.

Martin Armstrong Was Right Again

“Either Epstein will be found dead claiming suicide because he had remorse, or he will make a deal and then probably will be found dead of some heart attack afterward. I would be shocked if there would EVER be a public trial allowed.” ~ Martin Armstrong July 25th, 2019

When the news broke on Saturday that Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide despite being on a suicide watch in the Manhattan Correctional Centre we couldn’t help but think about a blog post Marty put up last month. CLICK HERE for his complete answer to the question “Will Epstein every go to trial”. ~Ed

There Is Only One Way To Protect Your Pension

In the next few years millions of retirees are not going to get the pension benefits they’ve been promised.  Whether it’s your RRSP, pension or CPP – the best protection is to invest in highly profitable companies.  Now someone please tell that to the anti-capitalist crowd.

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & Goofy

Quote of the Week

Opinion writer, Sherelle Jacobs absolutely nails the vacuousness of our elites in light of the latest climate stunt.

Shocking Stat

As the stats reveal, the focus on the mass shootings in the States obscures the bigger problem of the constant examples of gun violence.


The politicization of the latest mass shootings in the States is self absorbed drivel that overshadows the complexity of the issue and sets the victims and their families aside for political gain.

Mike’s Editorial – Healthcare Political Nonsense a Sign of What’s To Come

No province has ever cut healthcare or reduced healthcare spending. No Federal Government, whether under Steven Harper or Justin Trudeau or any other Prime Minister has ever cut the cash sent to the provinces for healthcare – but that doesn’t stop politicos from saying they have.