Goofy Award Winner

Quote of the Week
Culture wars in education are gaining intensity but where did concepts like Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality come from.

Shocking Stat of the Week
Innovation is the buzziest of buzz words but it’s just the latest area where Canada’s ranking is falling.

Goofy Award
As Mark Steyn says – The enduring sheen of revolutionary chic so attractive to some elites is in forlorn contrast to the decrepitude of the real thing.

Big Fat Idea – What to Look for in a Junior Gold Producer

Ryan King, SVP Corporate Development for Calibre Mining gives us some suggestions of what to look for before investing in junior gold mining stocks.

Mike’s Comment – July 17th

It doesn’t matter what party you support – there’s one question politicians, media and the public should answer before we get into a federal election campaign.

For Some Politicians It’s Never Enough Tax

Canada has the third highest marginal tax rates in the world. GST and PST (except Alberta) on everything you buy for your business. Payroll taxes for every employee. A carbon tax on deliveries and transportation and some politicians say it’s not enough.

Warning about Doing Business with the Communists in Hong Kong

While Canada sleeps the US recognizes the threat posed by China’s Communists’ ambitions with a warning that business beware but will they pay attention before it’s too late.

Politicians Pander to the Middle Class

But after a massive increase in housing and stock prices shooting Canadians wealth up by $2 trillion during the pandemic – is it time to focus on the vulnerable?