Mike's Daily Comment

Political Promises are Easy – Efficient Delivery is Not

How can our various political parties promise big, shiny, new billion dollar programs when successive Auditor Generals point out serious problem with ones we already have?

Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Shocking Stat of the Week 
Over a fifth of Canadians are hoping for what amounts to a financial disaster for millions of us. 

Goofy Award
If you thought the government’s pandemic response was at times questionable and inexplicable there’s a good reason. 

Mike’s Editorial

If you like paying taxes, you’ll love what’s coming. Of course it’s already started with the increase in payroll taxes, carbon taxes and liquor taxes that have already kicked in.

Complete Show – April 10th

Central banks are creating money out of thin air to finance record spending but what does it mean for you? Top analyst, Luke Gromen tells us how to profit. Plus Ozzie on the government’s first move to slow down the housing market and a goofy that will get you thinking.

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Live Post-Show Webinar

Right after the show at 10:05am pacific time, Michael’s guest Plurilock CEO Ian Paterson will host a live webinar and share an insider’s view of how our institutions, our companies, and our own data are at risk. Ian will also offer his perspective on local and global demands for cybersecurity services. Most importantly, he will identify the key drivers in this important sector as investors consider portfolio allocations.

Following the presentation, Ian will engage in live Q&A and update investors on Plurilock’s recent US expansion. CLICK HERE to register