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Mike’s Editorial

It’s fascinating how some people are furious when confronted with the facts. Even ones that could be great news for economic growth, jobs and government revenue.

Complete Show – Jan 16th

Just stating one of the big implications of all the promised infrastructure spending get people mad. Plus Josh Crumb, Abaxx Technologies drops by to talk about the next big bull market and how we’re going to trade it. Plus Ozzie on why housing prices can’t fall.

Are we really willing to give up free speech just to shut down Donald Trump?

Take a moment and get over whether you like or dislike Donald Trump. Free speech has been under attack for over a decade and it’s not even close to over.

Big Economic Opportunity That Canada’s Ignoring

You’d think with the massive need for economic growth Canada would be seizing on every opportunity but we’re not. The government seems to be worried about offending Xi Jinping.

Let’s Try Something That’s Never Worked

“Hey, let’s go negative interest rates, raise taxes and increase regulations – look how it worked out in Europe. And while we’re at it, let’s give ourselves a raise.”

This is Flat Out Absurd

Climate Activist:  “we need businesses to invest hundreds of billions for renewable energy and it’s infrastructure. So let’s increase taxes on business and investment.”