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Goofy Award – Climate Change For the Rich and Connected

Just like they did in medieval times when the rich paid the pope money to forgive their sins – some of the most vocal climate elites pretend carbon offsets give them a free pass on their carbon munching lifestyles.

Shocking Stat

While there are no shortage of people who have an opinion about people paying their “fair share” of taxes – not many actually know who pays how much in income taxes. Stats Can clears it up.

Quote of the Week

The author of the 2001 and 2017 International Panel on Climate Change reports – warns of the fallout of climate alarmism and the faulty science behind the claims.

Mike’s Editorial – Respecting Work Ethic

It’s been obvious for years that an increasing number of Canadians don’t respect or value work ethic – the drive and determination that lays the foundation for financial success – and three of our federal parties know it.

Complete Show – Oct. 5th

Hard work and dedication? Success? It’s clear that three of the major parties don’t like it. Don’t miss the brilliant interview with Greg Weldon on the impact of global financial turmoil. So forget the political rhetoric – the latest Stats Can numbers reveal who pays what in tax.

This Only Matters If You Care About The Economy and Jobs

The fact is that significant increases in corporate taxes hurts economic growth, jobs creation and our pensions because it discourages investment. What’s frightening is that we have people who want to lead the country who don’t understand something so basic.