Mike's Daily Comment

The Climate Change file is dominated by hollow gestures, empy promises and nothing accomplished. Justin Trudeau’s photo-op at the UN last week was a fine example 

One of Michael’s government nigthmares is poised to happen…

Strap in and prepare yourselves. The Canada Revenue Agency needs money to pay for unfunded entitlements & bigger Government and it’s coming for your money now. 

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Prime Minister Trudeau’s statement that we can’t allow people to vote on changing the first past the post electoral system is breathtaking for its contempt of the public

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For most who work half a year to pay their taxes, the verdict in the Mike Duffy trial was hard to take. So is Justin Trudeau’s 20% increase of MP’s expenses to 346K. Here’s why:

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None of the federal loan guarantees, business subsidies or supply marketing boards are for your benefit…