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Borrowing to expand the economy is going to occur according to Canada’s Prime Minister. Taxpayers though, just can’t absorb the waste in Government infrastructure programs that has been the hallmark in the past. From organized crime controlling road buildng in Quebec to the multi-billion dollars wasted in Ontario on green energy….

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A Vital Question

How does a simple economic contraction turn into a huge mess like we experienced in 2008? The first step is it starts with a system based on confidence, and when that goes all hell begins to break loose….

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While 77% of Swiss voters just rejected a proposal to introduce a $3000 guaranteed basic income for all. Supporters said it would allow them to focus on their passions and not go to work,

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Time For Canada To Confront Economic Extremism

I can’t help but wish that advocates for more government regulation, intervention and mythical job creation had a chance to go live in Venezuela for a bit.


All Pain No Gain

Climate change activists who want to shut down entire industries don’t seem to care that their efforts will have virtually zero effect on reducing carbon emissions.

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Supply management is is just another tax. A substantial tax too as it effectively raises the price of dairy and poultry products more than 200%. This system might be about to be eliminated though, if a Quebec movement has their way.