Mike's Daily Comment

Serious Financial Problems – Ultimately, financial reality could not allow 6 weeks paid vacation as a “human right” in the European Union. Delusional Economics and Finance, in all Western Nations to some degree….

Disastrous Policies Abound – leading to the European Soveriegn Debt Crisis, Developing Nations credit disasters, the Greek meltdown etc. But the biggest mistake…..

A Case of Deja Vu! – With the two fastest growing demographic groups in Canada are those aged 60-65 and those over 100, its no surprise that Canada needs to take meaningful action. As the latest report makes clear……

Taxpayer spending on K- 12 Education Spending continues to rise despite a decline in enrollment. And that doesn’t even account for the recent rise in teacher salaries and pensions.

Education Spending – The big question is, what percentage of Government spending shoud be spent on education at a time when enrollment continues to drop and budgets continue to increase. 

Protecting the Gravy Train – Since the advent of the credit crisis 7 years ago, followed by Europes Soverign Debt problem, the go to policy has been to encourage more