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Why It Is So Hard To Build Affordable Housing

With all the talk of making homes affordable, municipalities are a major obstruction with their huge fees and regulations that slow up approvals expensively. According to a Fraser Institute study released last week…..

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Working Hard to Slow 40% of the BC Economy

The real estate industry in BC. and elsewhere in Canada is under assault as Politicians implement taxes and regulations attempting to increase affordability. Measures that are ill designed to meet the challenge.

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Don’t Dismiss The Implications of Trump’s Taxplan Approval

Donald Trumps tax plan could shift the economic landscape in Canada in a huge way. If he gets his plan through, the game will be changed for capital investment. It will be an earthquake, a time for all Canadians to rethink the wisdom of proposing new or increased Business taxes.

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We Are Caught In A Time Warp

Our conversations on minimum wage, income inequality, affordable housing & economic growth haven’t changed one bit for decades. How about this for a question to candidates in the next leaders debate.

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No Big Secret To Making Money

While the top 1% earning over 150K are criticized mercilessly by politicians and the news media,  the pathway to earning that kind of money is wide open and easy to understand.

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