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Out of Control Green Politics – One example is that a base model Tesla sedan sells for $98,000, of which $45,000 is in taxpayer funded subsidies…..

Higher Taxes Don’t Bring Jobs – Government(s) are still raising taxes and fees in the face of heavy job losses in retail and resource industries, the economy contracting in January and Bank of Canada expressing serious concern for the immediate future ….

Confusion Over Government’s Role – Michael responds to a recent CTV Poll dealing with the opinions of Canadians regarding the various federal parties and the economy……

Mismanaging Tax Dollars – One of the big issues in the transit plebiscite is the percieved mismanagment of tax dollars by Trans-Link….

R. Russell – A World On The Edge Of Chaos, The Dangers Of Russian Roulette & What You Must Know Right Now

King-World-News-Turmoil-In-Europe-The-Crude-Oil-Market-And-A-Surprise-Reserve-Cut-In-China-1728x800 cAs people continue to digest breaking news from around the globe, with the world on the edge of chaos, the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year-old Richard Russell, warned about the dangers of Russian roulette and what you must know right now.

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No Benefits in Benefits – This year Ontario is paying an extra 14,000 public employees, for a total of 111,438 more than $100K a year. Add in benefits and……