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The French Election: The Party’s Over

Mike rains on the parade of those who think that Macron’s election in France was a victory for the establishment. Indeed, that Macron’s election will further the decline of the EU.

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Nothing That a Famine Wouldn’t Cure

The ship sailed for affordable housing a long time ago. With the benchmark price of a single family detached home in Vancouver of 2.4 million, affordability is immune to government attempts to lower prices.

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The Power of Demographics

Canadians regularly put health care at the top of their list, with economic growth at the bottom. A new report by StatsCan illustrates how confused that thinking is given the new demographics.

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Mike’s Official BC Election Platform

How about an additional 6 statutory holidays for starters. Wait, it gets even better. Not only that but its fully costed….ahem.

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What Happened To Common Sense

The impact of tearing up NAFTA as Donald Trump threatened would put Canadian jobs in jeopardy, yet a recent poll says a majority of Canadians don’t think so. The numbers are compelling, access to 360 million US citizens, 131 million Mexicans in exchange for access to 35 million Canadians!

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