Mike's Daily Comment

Time is Ticking – A great opportunity for Vancouver residents to vote against higher taxes and wasteful Government spending is May 29th for Vancouver residents. 

Governments are eliminating the use of cash WorldWide,  France has just put the upper limit on cash transactions at 1000 Euros and a limits of 200 Euros at ATM’s. Wonder why???

Where Are The Parents – In an Era where if anything goes wrong first the Government is turned to for an answer. Or blamed. What about parents, is it now an unwritten rule not to discuss the role of parents as part of the solution? 

Don’t Become Financial Road-Kill – A miilion dollar nestegg in a 10yr Gov’t Bond returns only $16K a year! “You certainly can’t afford to fall asleep at the wheel”, particularily as a drop in stocks can be devastating.  

Petition to Curb Foreign Investors in Real Estate – has Vancouver area Politicians eager to control residential prices despite horrid results where tried in London England and Australia

Mathematics: The Enemy of Modern Politics   “Voters who ignore financial reality know with their heart as opposed to those who think with their head” Satirist Stephen Colbert