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Unexplained Spending Disappearing Money & Trouble Ahead

By removing the transparency act, the Federal Liberals have put a stop to any change in the culture of un-accountability in Native spending. Much to the detriment of Band Members.

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Critically Important Subjects for Our Children’s Success

Our educational system doesn’t teach our children about how to get a job, the fundamentals of investing, mortgages or a working understanding of the economics & finance that will profoundly affect them in their lives.

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An Alternative View…

…to the enlightened wisdom that “taxes are the price we pay for civilization”……

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The Dumbest Word in Politics…”Free”!

Given that so-called “Free Healthcare” consumes over 40% of provincial budgets, it is hardly free. Indeed, the rate of growth in healthcare spending is triple economic growth. Its time to call it for what it really is…..

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The Good News About The Inter-Provincial Trade Deal

The cost of trade barriers in terms of jobs and economic activity is estimated to be as much as 130 Billion Dollars. While there is still a list of 167 pages of restricted items, at least its defined.

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