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Can you think of anyone more ill-informed on economics and finance than a 16 year old?

Do you want kids who’ve never worked full time making multi-billion dollar decisions on taxation… for one?


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Common Sense & Practical Reality Be Damned

dolThe 7 Billion dollar Heist of the Century, the 9.2 Billion dollar fiasco in Ontario, 6.5 Billion dollars to the Mafia in Italy, money to political supporters, all in the name of…. 


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Stock market volatility and a Fed Governor’s stock Market comment

Unfettered capitalism – what with over 40 billion dollars spent annually to comply with Government regulations? A third of which are useless. Plus billions more in Tax compliance costs….

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We are headed in the wrong direction economically and financially. Governments is not the solution to our problem, Government is the problem. All three levels of Government are doing more of the same, bad ideas….

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The media has an infatuation with political drama at the expense of serious discussion of the issues, and did we ever get an example from Peter Mansbridge last thursday…..

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Political automatons complained yesterday that Mike stick to economics. Sadly, people who are held hostage by their political affiliations can’t understand that the election