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The Big Trend driving financial markets from currencies to real estate is the declining confidence in Government, the Bull Market in corruption. The latest example is massive. 140 Politicians, Star Athletes, Banking, Law….and its just beginning

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The weak Loonie is goosing the Canadian economy. Car sales, up a record 9% more than any other March in history! 2/3rds of the economy in the form of residential contruction and consumer spending is…..

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The positive economic growth numbers in January is good news, though we have all taken a 30% pay cut thanks to the drop in the loonie. Now if taxes, fees and regulations would just stop rising…..

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In Business and Finance accountability is required. However there’s an area where individuals are rewarded for misleading, bending the truth and outright lying….

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How Higher Minimum Wage Leads To Loss of Jobs: For one, proponents of a higher minimum wage don’t even acknowledge it’ll trigger technological substitution

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Strap in and get ready for another round of Politicians emotional assurances that a hike in Minimum Wage is going to help the poor. Easy for them to say

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