Mike's Daily Comment

Don’t Become Financial Road-Kill – A miilion dollar nestegg in a 10yr Gov’t Bond returns only $16K a year! “You certainly can’t afford to fall asleep at the wheel”, particularily as a drop in stocks can be devastating.  

Petition to Curb Foreign Investors in Real Estate – has Vancouver area Politicians eager to control residential prices despite horrid results where tried in London England and Australia

Mathematics: The Enemy of Modern Politics   “Voters who ignore financial reality know with their heart as opposed to those who think with their head” Satirist Stephen Colbert  

Public Sector Pensions – “The average Canadian Family of Four is on the hook for $31,000 to make up any shortfall in Public Sector Pensions. But it is actually more than that”

Higher Taxes For Upper Income Earners – What are the consequences for society if we denigrate hard work and success? Being rewarded for working hard is seen as unfair by many. These days hard work no longer celebrated. 

Healthcare Out to Lunch? – The global funding model in Canadian Healthcare means they get their money regardless of how many patients they see. Worse than that…..