Mike's Daily Comment

“Political rhetoric notwithstanding, minimum wages are poorly targeted as an anti-poverty device, and are at best an exceedingly blunt instrument for dealing with poverty”

Forget About Distractions….23 Countries have lowered interest rates since the beginning of the year and nothing has a greater personal impact on us than the fall of the Canadian Dollar……..

Politics Over Education. Believe it or not, there are organizations in our society today who are so anti-business that they put children in need at risk. 

Enough already! Any increase in taxes is a tough sell, especially as the cost of Government at all 3 levels continues to rise. What’s interesting in the Trans Link Referendum is the elites don’t seem to understand why……..

Assessing the Facts & Common Sense

Assessing the Facts and Common Sense – Oil transported by rail is up 4000% since 2008 in the US, and two facts are clear. One, rail emits more C02 than transport by pipeline, and two……..



Mike critiques the summation of a Nick Nanos, President of Nanos Research in reviewing the results of a Poll done for the Globe & Mail……..