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Atlas Engineered Products Has a Big Vision for Growing the Company

 Atlas Engineered Products (CVE:AEP) newly appointed CEO Dirk Maritz joined Steve Darling from Proactive Investors with news Atlas has now closed its acquisition of Tandelle-Pacer, that was announced a few months ago. According to Maritz, this puts AEP in a new ballpark and fits perfectly in to his vision for the company going forward. Maritz also shared more of his vision and if the company is looking to acquire any more assets.

Dirk - Atlas

Mall Retailers Melt Down in Four Charts


Total retail sales growth – not adjusted for inflation – has been fairly strong, rising 4.6% in the third quarter compared to a year ago, powered by booming e-commerce sales, which the Commerce Department reported this morning, and by rising inflation. But “real” retail sales (adjusted for inflation) are not so hot, rising only 2.0% in October, and this was at the lower end of the post-Financial Crisis range…. CLICK for complete article

Everything We Know About The California Fires


PG&E Corporation stock plunged Monday after a 12-percent drop Friday as investors grow increasingly concerned about the financial impact of the California wildfires. Although there is no evidence as of yet that the Camp Fire, the Hill Fire or the Woolsey Fire were caused by faulty infrastructure, Height Capital Markets analyst Clayton Allen said a pair of California utility stocks are potentially facing major liability risks…. CLICK for complete article

Amazon’s Tale Of Two Cities


After a year of speculation over the location of Amazon’s second headquarters, new information suggests e-commerce giant has made a decision

After a year of heated speculation and even more intense lobbying by a number of cities in the running to host Amazon’s second headquarters, reports emerge that the e-commerce giant is now going to split up its HQ2…. CLICK for complete article

Trump Declares Victory As He Faces Two-Year Struggle With House Democrats


Despite record voter turnout and a staggering $5 billion political spend between both parties, Democrats’ hoped-for ‘blue wave’ failed to materialize on Tuesday. Instead, the reality was closer to a purple wash.

Democrats won a slight majority in the House – they were up 26 seats at last count, three more than the 23 needed to flip control, with more races expected to be called in their favor on Wednesday – but Republicans picked up seats in the Senate, solidifying what had been a razor-thin majority. Almost all of those seats were won by staunch conservatives who are expected to back the Trump agenda. Meanwhile, it’s unlikely that the Democrats will come anywhere close to the 40 seats they would have needed to signify a “tsunami-like” victory. However, at least one Democratic narrative was validated as 18 of the 29 Republican districts that flipped to the Democrats were won by women, cementing the ‘year of the woman’ narrative… CLICK for complete article

China Ready For Trade Negotiations


China is ready to negotiate a trade deal with the United States as both economies stand to lose from a prolonged trade war, Vice President Wang Qishan said today as quoted by Bloomberg. Wang was speaking at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, and added that trade was the “anchor and propeller of China-U.S. relations.”

However, President Xi’s number-two as Bloomberg called him, also warned against “right-leaning populism” and “unilateralism.” CLICK for complete article