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Quote, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award of the Week

Quote of the Week 
Economic legend, Thomas Sowell on the big difference between politics and economics in under 50 words. 

Shocking Stat 
CERB’s stated purpose was to cover the lost wages due to lockdown.  Guess how much they overpaid. 

There’s a special place in Hell for adults who use children to advance their political agenda. 

Quote, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award – Aug 29th

Quote of the Week 
A Prospect/Foreign Policy poll named pioneering feminist, Camille Paglia one of the world’s top 20 intellectuals – but more importantly she’s not intimidated by the mob. 

Shocking Stat 
You think you know the deficit numbers? Wait til you hear how much the Federal government borrowing April thru June. 

Goofy Award
The Associated Press and CNN have outdone themselves reporting on the Kenosha protests/riots. 

Goofy Award, Shocking Stat & Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week 
It’s amazing that over 250 years ago Scottish economist David Hume forecast today’s massive government debt build-up. 

Shocking Stat of the Week 
It’s not just government that’s borrowing record amounts – wait til you hear how much businesses have borrowed…just to stay afloat. 

Goofy Award
To deceive or not to deceive – that is the question. Actually the question is where does the lack of integrity in politics lead. 

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Quote of the Week
The publisher of the Wall Street Journal on the most troubling trend in the media.

Shocking Stat of the Week
As the US election gets into high gear we bet you won’t see a more shocking stat on the front runner.

Goofy Award
Hey, wait a minute – I thought WeCharity had only “limited engagement” with the Liberal government.

Goofy Award of the Week – Aug 8th

Gross Injustice – Government’s effort to destroy one man’s career just got worse.

Goofy Award – Aug. 1st

The CBC undermines its claim to being non-partisan…again. Plus another elitist special – this time from the Health Minister.

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