Goofy Award Winner

Instant Wisdom, Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and the Goofy Award

Instant Wisdom @ 0:00

Stephen Fry on the the lack of liberalism among liberals.

Quote of the Week @ 3:48

Celebrated Philosopher Bertrand Russell on the folly of certainty so prevalent in our public debates.  Hint – certainty is in inverse correlation to knowing the facts.

Shocking Stat @ 5:28

Too often minimum wage advocates refuse to acknowledge the job losses in the move to $15.  The Congressional Budget Office sets them straight.

Goofy @ 9:38

Our security agencies warn that the Chinese government is engage in espionage, influence pedaling and threats. Two Canadians are held incommunicado and sentenced to death but it doesn’t stop some politicians from taking the money.

Goofy & Shocking Stat

Shocking Stat @ 0:00

It’s college graduates biggest regret – made even worse by their second biggest regret. In a nutshell “I borrowed all that money to study cultural anthropology and there’s no jobs.”

Goofy @ 3:03 editor Andy Ngo was attacked and beaten by masked members of ANTIFA – kicking and punching him leaving him with a brain hemorrhage.  And some people think that’s justified because they didn’t like his views.

Goofy, Shocking Stat & Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week @ 0:00

Two Canadian quotes from Tommy Douglas and Paul Hellyer that are just as relevant today as they were decades ago.

Shocking Stat of the Week @ 2:06

Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders offer the ultimate free lunch for higher income earners paid for by the working poor.

Goofy Award – You Didn’t See This Anywhere Else

Do UBC faculty who study climate change and sustainability reduce their air travel in order to cut down on emissions while at the same time demanding that the UBC Endowment Fund divest from oil and gas companies?


Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & The Goofy Award

Quote of the Week at 0:00

Wait til you hear the story of Oberlin College going after a mom and pop bakery – falsely accusing it of being racist. And the ensuing $44 million judgement against it.  Another example of extremism run amok on University campuses.

Shocking Stat of the Week at 3:05

In the environmental battle between plastic bags vs paper or cotton ones.  Most people are dead wrong about what’s best for the environment. The numbers will shock you.

Goofy at 7:14

Just before Elections Canada backed off on its “non-partisan” plan to use hand picked “social media influencers” to help get out the vote – they backed off because of the blatant political leanings of the chosen few.  And taxpayers got stiffed with the bill.

Goofy Award

You could not make this up.  A so-called charitable group has its charitable status suspended and fined $500,000 for suspected ties to a Pakistani militant group – yet still gets a government grant.

Goofy – They Don’t Want Us To Know How Much Money They’re Wasting.

The Auditor General is the taxpayers’ best friend. No wonder the federal government has money for everything else BUT the professionals who shine the light on government spending.