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Goofy Award – Worst Fears Realized

The federal government’s $600 million subsidy for select media has many worried about their independence but even the most cynical are shocked by the who the government chose to decide which outlets get the money.

Goofy Award – The Mark Norman Case Has Government’s Fingerprints All Over It

Imagine being forced from your job – waiting two years before charges were laid – against a multi million government prosecution while the government does all it can to hide and delay documents.

Goofy – What the Hell Are They Thinking

Omar Khadr is a convicted terrorist. He admitted fighting with the Taliban yet he gets a hero’s welcome at the CBC.


Goofy Award

Notre Dame is burning – people step up to help repair the damage but that has some people outraged.

Goofy Award – An New Entrant Into The Hall of Fame

The criteria is straightforward – a stream of goofiness that merits attention on a regular basis but for the sake of everyone – we just induct him or her in the Hall of Fame so we can stop talking about them.  Hint: There only 2 other members.

Goofy Award – They’re Doing Politics Differently …Yeah, Right

The Liberal’s self inflicted SNC Lavalin scandal just keeps on going and through it all we discover two politicians who are actually “doing politics differently.”  The others…not so much.