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Instant Wisdom, Quote of the Week & Goofy Award

Instant Wisdom

Ricky Gervais caused an uproar at the Golden Globe Awards. His monologue went viral – come and hear why.

Quote of the Week

America’s top political analyst, Peggy Noonan takes dead aim at the “woke” progressive set in her forecast for the next 10 years.

Goofy Award

Are Canadian Universities headed down the same intolerant, narrow path that’s destroying US colleges? This week’s goofy suggests the answer is yes.

2019 Winners – Quote of the Year, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Quote of the Year

Progressive darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sums up the tenor of our times with her explanation as to why facts really don’t matter.

Shocking Stats of the Week

Ah yes, pipelines and plastic bags – the two shocking stats that amazed some while outraging others.

Goofy of the Year

So many choices – so little time – but one story dominated all others – and the implications profound.

Quote of the Week & Goofy Award – Dec 21

Quote of the Week

When the Vancouver City Council decided to raise the property taxes and utility levies by over 8% next year – we knew it was time to bring back a Ronald Reagan classic.


To quote Brittany Spears -when we heard the PM’s response to the SNC Lavalin guilty conviction  – all we could say is “oops, he did it again.”

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & Goofy – Dec 14th

Quote of the Week

It is absolutely amazing what’s happening on university campuses. Heather MacDonald gives us a first hand look at the nee world order.

Shocking Stat of the Week

The Federal Reserve’s actions are a reflection of how big the problem is with borrowing, interest rates and the credit markets.  It’s the biggest financial story of the year – and on one’s talking about it.

Goofy Award

For two years the biggest fake news story focused on accusations of Trump collusion with Russia.  Mueller said it didn’t happen but this week’s Justice Department Inspector General’s report let’s us know how it all got started and it’s worse than anyone imagined.

Goofy Award

How can we be surprised with actions of the biggest human rights abuser on the planet – China – but we were shocked and appalled by this story. Plus Newsweek throws a log on the “fake news” fire.

Shocking Stat & Goofy – Nov 30

Shocking Stat

Most of us know that the Canadian government keeps getting bigger but our bet is that you’ll still be shocked by this stat as to how big.


It’s more a warning than a goofy before it’s too late. This week featured lots more evidence of the intentions of the Chinese totalitarian government – and Canada’s a prime target.