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The Teddy Awards, which have some people thinking that government couldn’t waste more of our tax dollars if they tried….maybe they are.

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All talk and no action. A question for the anti-pipeline crowd – and they won’t like it.

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Quote of the Week
A beauty from celebrated economist, Thomas Sowell on a generation that’s been raised to ignore facts – and the consequences.

Shocking Stat
No matter where you live you can always find someplace worse, as the shocking stats re Baltimore’s mayoralty race confirms.

Even in the face of such serious issues like the Coastal Gaslink dispute, it’s amazing how fast politics turn petty.

Goofy Award, Quote of the Week & Shocking Stat

Quote of the Week
Stephen Buffalo, the president and CEO of the Indian Resource Council says no thanks to environmentalists who purport to speak for First Nations.

Shocking Stat of the Week
Call it wishful thinking but the precipitous drop in the Oscar ratings could be good news.

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Despite warnings from the military and CSIS along with new charges of corporate espionage Huawei gets set to further integrate into Canada’s communication network

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Are the Democrats doing everything they can to re-elect President Trump? Last week in Iowa and during the State of the Union certainly suggests they are.

Instant Wisdom, Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

  • Are you worried about our youth being told that talking the talk is all the counts? An up and coming tennis player will give you hope.
  • Peggy Noonan takes dead aim at the push to allow 16 year olds to vote.
  • With all the coverage of the coronavirus – do you know how many people already have or will get the flu this year.
  • The government is spending your tax dollars to make life miserable for people and groups whose views they don’t like. The trend is frightening.