Goofy Award Winner

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & The Goofy Award

Quote of the Week at 0:00

Wait til you hear the story of Oberlin College going after a mom and pop bakery – falsely accusing it of being racist. And the ensuing $44 million judgement against it.  Another example of extremism run amok on University campuses.

Shocking Stat of the Week at 3:05

In the environmental battle between plastic bags vs paper or cotton ones.  Most people are dead wrong about what’s best for the environment. The numbers will shock you.

Goofy at 7:14

Just before Elections Canada backed off on its “non-partisan” plan to use hand picked “social media influencers” to help get out the vote – they backed off because of the blatant political leanings of the chosen few.  And taxpayers got stiffed with the bill.

Goofy Award

You could not make this up.  A so-called charitable group has its charitable status suspended and fined $500,000 for suspected ties to a Pakistani militant group – yet still gets a government grant.

Goofy – They Don’t Want Us To Know How Much Money They’re Wasting.

The Auditor General is the taxpayers’ best friend. No wonder the federal government has money for everything else BUT the professionals who shine the light on government spending.

Goofy Award

It is still a shocker to many when a politician doesn’t take the easy way out and puts principle about power.

Goofy Award – Worst Fears Realized

The federal government’s $600 million subsidy for select media has many worried about their independence but even the most cynical are shocked by the who the government chose to decide which outlets get the money.

Goofy Award – The Mark Norman Case Has Government’s Fingerprints All Over It

Imagine being forced from your job – waiting two years before charges were laid – against a multi million government prosecution while the government does all it can to hide and delay documents.