Goofy Award Winner

The cry goes up in France from Leo and 500 celebrity pals – “to hell with global warming – we want to party”. The only question in the aftermath of Leonardo DiCaprio’s celebrity bash in St Tropez is – does this week’s celebrity bash have a greater carbon footprint than you’ll have in your entire life?

This weeks Shocking Stat: Horrible News Out of Afghanistan Is Part Of A Much Bigger Story

This Weeks Goofy – HairGate

Does this man, Francois Hollande, the President of the French Republic, look like he needs a permanent hairdresser? Much less at the rate his hairdresser get’s paid!!!! Remember he is a socialist who promised to be a “normal” head of state. 

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At The Point of a Gun

Big problem choosing a single Goofy this week, but safe to say that all three candidates Michael chose from involved some serious pressure that one can do little about


Media Got It Wrong About Brexit???

A Goofy Take On Terrorism

Secretary of State John Kerry recently met and agreed to jointly combat terrorist acts like the one in Orlando with one of the worlds great terrorist nations

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How Revealing!

Obama’s Teleprompter Fails – He Turns Into A Stuttering Mess

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